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Election Summary

1.  President:  Robert King
2.  Vice President:  Steve Frymer
3.  Treasurer:  Bob Messenger
4.  Clerk/Secretary:  Mark Kaprielian
5.  Board of Directors:  Gus Gosselin, Peter Lee, Anthony Gavelis, Steve Dann, Larry Eldridge, George Mirijanian*, Donna Alarie*, and Bill Kelleher*.  Note that "*" indicates persons who were elected as "write-ins" and have not yet decided to serve on the MACA Board.
6.  There were 177 total ballots received from the 956 that were mailed.  One ballot was rejected because it did not arrive in the prescribed mailing envelope.  The number of counted ballots, 176, amounts to 18.41% of MACA's membership.
7.  Ballots were counted by the MACA election commission on 26 May during Round 1 of the Mass Open at the Radisson Hotel in Marlborough, MA.  The counting was held in a public place, was observed by several interested on-lookers, and was photographed by Mark Kaprielian.

Looking for
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1.  President:  One declared candidate, 14 write-ins received.
     -- Winner:  Robert King with 134 votes.
     -- Write-ins and votes they received:  
          + 5 Votes:  Steve Frymer
          + 3 Votes:  George Mirijanian
          + 2 Votes:  Gus Gosselin, Timothy Oliveri, Harvey Burger, Mark Kaprielian, Mike Gosselin
          + 1 Vote:  Andrew Miles, Bernardo Iglesias, Harvey Reed, Peter Lee, Alan Ong, Larry Christiansen, Paul McIntyre

2.  Vice President:  Two declared candidates, 5 write-ins received.
     -- Winner:  Steve Frymer with 103 votes.
     -- Steve Dann:  67 votes
     -- Write-ins and votes they received:  
          + 2 Votes:  Peter Sherwood
          + 1 Vote:  Anthony Gavelis, Elwood Wink, George Mirijanian, Michael Henroid

3.  Treasurer:  One declared candidate, 1 write-in received.
     -- Winner:  Bob Messenger with 163 votes.
     -- Write-ins and votes they received:  
          + 1 Vote:  Donna Alarie

4.  Clerk-Secretary:  One declared candidate, 3 write-ins received.
     -- Winner:  Mark Kaprielian 156 votes.
     -- Write-ins and votes they received:  
          + 2 Votes:  Robert King
          + 1 Vote:  Anthony Gavelis, Steve Frymer

5.  Board of Directors (8 positions to be filled):  Six declared candidates, 53 write-ins received.
     -- Top 8 Vote-getters:  Gus Gosselin (155), Steve Frymer (151), Peter Lee (144), Anthony Gavelis (138), Steve Dann (137), Larry Eldridge (131), George Mirijanian (12), Donna Alarie (6).
     -- Steve Frymer is new Vice President, so his name is dropped from the above list and the next highest vote-getter takes the #8 spot.  That person is Bill Kelleher (5 votes).
     -- George Mirijanian, Donna Alarie, and Bill Kelleher have yet to decline or accept serving as members of the Board of Directors.
     -- Other Write-ins and number of votes they received:  
          + 4 Votes:  Timothy Oliveri, Mike Hoffpauir, Peter Sherwood
          + 3 Votes:  Robert King, William Gennert, Robert Messenger, Igor Foygel, Alan Bennett, Mike Gosselin
          + 2 Votes:  Timothy Hanke, Michael Henroid, Alan Ong, Bernardo Iglesias, John Curdo, Mark Kaprielian, William Paschall, Mark Donlan, Jennifer Frenklakh, Carol Locke, Mary Anne Reilly 
          + 1 Vote:  Bill Lukowiak, James Bovay, Rufus Franklin, David Smith, Howard Cook, Ilya Orsher, Max Enkin, Geoffrey DelSesto, Ron Rice, Art Nugent, David Lerner, Joel Johnson, John Gould(spelling?), Valery Frenklakh, Brad Ryan, Elwood Wink, Boris Spassky, Bruce Denis, Ashwin Deshpande (spelling?), George W. Bush, Paul Knight, Harry Henriques, Joe Purl, Ed Quintal, Dan Sullivan, Mikhail Perelshteyn, John Burke, Kent Leung, Dennis Nadeau, Larry Gladding, Geoff Polizotti, Vincent Camarano, Severine Wamala

If you have questions, contact Mike Hoffpauir, 
MACA Elections Committee Chairman
or call 781-281-1573

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