Maca Annual Meeting Minutes


Site of the Mass Open

Raddsion Marlboro, Marlboro, Mass

Minutes Prepared by Mark Kaprielian, Clerk

Opened: 3:10PM


Closed: 4:00 PM


In Attendance


Belt, Ken


Bottini, John


Cortizas, Tony


Dann, Stephen


Driscol, Walter


Elmor, John


Gosselin, Gus


Griffin, Mike


Kaprielian, Mark


King, Robert


Klinkenburg, Jim


Messenger, Bob


Mirijanian, George


Niro, Frank


Reilly, Maryanne


Terri, Hal


Wyatt, Brad

Called to order

            President Robert King gave the following summary report. Maca had a successful year. Special thanks are due to Bob Messenger who gave both time and money to Maca. Also special thanks should go to the entire scholastics committee, especially Tony Gavelis and Peter Lee. Though he lost the election for President, he will continue to work for chess in Massachusetts.

Treasures Report

            Robert Messenger gave a brief summary of Macas financial situation. He said that Maca had recovered about $6,000 of the $8,000 loss incurred during the previous year. This was due primarily due to three reasons, namely, reducing the number of issues of Chess Horizons from six per year to four, Not losing money on Adult events and Scholastics being very successful in making profits. After his report, a donation of $100 was received from Harold Dondis.

Database Processor / Web Master Report

            Database processor, Mark Kaprielian passed around a graph showing the membership growth status history. He reported that Adult membership is at 297, Family at 14, Life at 201 and Juniors at 292.

            He reported that new features have recently been added to the Maca web site and that additional features will continue to be rolled out over the next few weeks.



Results of Annual Election

            Results of the election were handed out. The result of the Bylaw Amendment to fix the size of the board at 4 officers and 12 directors was announced as ratified. It was announced that the only contested position, that of President, was won by Harvey Reed. George Mirijanian who was elected as a write-in declined the position.

New Business

            After the announcement of the election results, Clerk, Mark Kaprielian as the highest ranking board member present, chaired the rest of the meeting. He began by introducing Frank Niro, a long time Maca member, former editor of Chess Horizons and the current Director of the USCF since December 31, 2001.

            Frank spoke about the current state of the USCF and chess in general. He reported that there are approximately 4 million people playing chess in the US. Of that, 91,000 are USCF members. Of those USCF members, 40,000 are kids. He said that internet based chess is getting more people to play chess.

            Frank announced that the MetroWest Chess Club was selected as the USCF 2002 Club of the year. Previous winners were the Pittsburg CC, Rochester CC and Dumont CC. An award will be presented at the 2002 US Open at Cherry Hill.

            With no other business to be done and with no general discussion desired, the meeting was closed at 4:00 PM


Respectfully submitted


Mark Kaprielian