2002-2003  MACA Elections Ballot

Before you vote, please carefully read the instructions on the back of this Ballot

Cast your vote by placing an “X” next to a name, or “write-in” in a name and place an “Xbeside it.

Vote for one

For President


Vote for one

For Vice President

Robert King


Steven J. Frymer

Harvey Reed











Vote for one

For Treasure


Vote for one

For Clerk

Robert D. “Bob” Messenger


Mark Kaprielian









For the Board of Directors

Vote for no more than 8 Candidates, including Write-ins

Stephen A. Dann


(Write-in # 1)

Frank Del Bonis


(Write-in # 2)

Anthony “Tony” Gavelis


(Write-in # 3)

Gilbert F. “Gus” Gosselin


(Write-in # 4)

Robert King


(Write-in # 5)

Peter H. Lee


(Write-in # 6)

Harvey Reed


(Write-in # 7)

Tim Oliveri


(Write-in # 8)

Maryann Reilly


(Write-in # 9)


Bylaws Amendment Vote

At the December 3rd, 2001 meeting of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the procedures called out by the bylaws, the Board passed motion 2001-12-3.

Proposed Change

The Motion: To amend the Maca by-laws section 4.2 to read as follows:

Number and Election of Officers. Election of Officers and Directors: Annually, by mail ballot, the Maca corporate membership shall elect four (4) executive officers and twelve (12) directors for a total of sixteen (16) Maca board members.  Each voting member may vote for any number of director candidates up to twelve (12).  The candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected.  The election results shall be announced at the annual meeting.  Candidates may run for both an executive officer and a director position, but if elected as an executive officer, the candidate is not elected as a director.


Number and Election of Officers. Annually, by mail ballot, the corporate membership shall elect a number of directors equal to one-hundredth the count of the voting members, the remaining fraction being ignored. The count of voting members shall be determined by averaging the six bimonthly membership counts, the last of which shall be taken in January of the election year. Membership counts for each month calculated shall include voting members whose membership expire during that month. However the number of directors shall not exceed forty. Each voting member may vote for any number of candidates, up to the number of directors to be elected. The candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected. The election results shall be announced at the annual meeting. Executive officers cannot simultaneously be directors.




*   For the proposed amendment

*   Against the proposed amendment

2002-2003 MACA Ballot Instructions

Please vote and return your ballot.  Your vote is ANONYMOUS.  In the past we have had extremely poor response--the small number of people who vote end-up deciding the results for the entire membership.  Please do not delay or your vote, may not reach us in time.

Statements provided by the candidates are included in this package.

I.               If you want your vote to count, Please read these instructions carefully and completely. Please mark and write your ballots very clearly. 

II.             Your ballot must be received no later than Friday, May 24th, 2002.  Please allow enough time for the ballot to be delivered on time. 

A.        Ballots received after this date will NOT be counted.

B.        Ballots sent in any other envelope other than the one we provide will not be counted.

C.        Ballots must arrive through the US Postal Service.  Ballots delivered in any other manner will not be counted. 

D.        The returns will be opened and counted on Saturday, May 25th, 2002 at the site of the Massachusetts Open Championship. 

E.        The results will be presented at the annual membership meeting on Sunday, May 26th, 2002.

III.           How to fill-in your ballot.

A.        The ballot has two parts.  The first part of the ballot is for voting for the Executive Officers, namely the President, Vice-President, Clerk and Treasurer.

1.         Do not vote for more than one candidate for each office.  If you vote for more than one candidate for any Executive Officer position, your vote for that position will not be counted.

2.         Place a check inside the box for a candidate, or write-in a different person for that office--but you still must check the box for this write-in.

3.         If you write-in the name of a person, please print their name clearly.

B.        The second part of the ballot is to vote for the Directors.

1.         You may vote for up to 12 candidates for director.

2.         If you vote for more than 12 candidates, then none of your votes for Director will be counted. 

3.         You may choose any of the nominated candidates, or you may write-in other candidates—but your total number of votes cannot be more than 12.

4.         If you write in any candidates, you must place a mark in each corresponding box for your vote to be counted.

IV.          Particulars about the votes.

A.        This year the Executive Board will consist of the four Executive Officers and twelve Directors.

B.        In the event of a tie for the last director's spot, the Executive board will elect the winner of the spot at the next regular meeting of the Board.  This procedure is called out by the bylaws.  

C.        Anyone who wins both an Executive Office and a Director’s position, will automatically give up the director's position to the next highest vote getter among the candidates for director.

V.            Bylaws Amendment ratification

A.        In accordance with the bylaws, your vote ratifies or rejects the amendment to the bylaws approved by the Board of Directors

B.        If you leave this question blank, it will be considered a non-vote on the amendment..