2002-2003 MACA Election  -- Candidate Statements

For President (2 candidates)

Robert King

I am running for re-election for MACA President.  My service to keep chess going: I am a USCF tournament director and I am directing chess tournaments at the Boylston Chess Club in Boston.  I am currently on the tournament committee at the BCC and have served as BCC Clerk and on the BCC Board.

For MACA: Term 2000 to 2001: Board member and promotions manager.  Current term: I am President, Club coordinator and I was on the budget committee.

Re-elect Robert King as President because one good term deserves another.  I have done an excellent job and I will continue to work for Chess Success.

Harvey Reed

I have served as President and/or Director for the past three years. In this time I have supported the rebuilding of the Scholastic chess program, and efforts to make the program repeatable on an annual basis. I am currently working with the Scholastic Directors to begin an annual volunteer drive over the summer and fall to assure continued success.

As President, I pledge to conduct MACA Board meetings in a professional and efficient manner. My job will be to recruit volunteers, and provide an environment for these volunteers to accomplish important MACA duties. As a professional with years of experience running teams with specific deliverables and deadlines, I am confident I can add value, and assure we meet our most important goals.

I look forward to serving with other fine MACA Officers: Steve Frymer as Vice-President, Bob Messenger as Treasurer, and Mark Kaprielian as Clerk.

For Vice President (1 candidate)

Steven J. Frymer

I have been involved in chess organizing for more than 30 years.  I also have been on MACA Board for more than 30 years, having served in many officer and coordinator positions.  I go to tournaments and help out for no fee.  Also spend time at scholastics analyzing w/ kids.  I have visited prisons to play Chess and Scrabble.  I believe these people need our support BEFORE they return to society.

In the past year Harvey Reed has done a marvelous job chairing our Board meetings and mediating any dispute, which arose at a Board meeting. Therefore, I endorse his candidacy for MACA President.

For Treasurer (1 candidate)

Robert D. “Bob” Messenger

I am running for re-election as MACA Treasurer, having served as Treasurer in 1996-97 and from December 2000 to the present.  During the past year MACA has continued to recover from its financial losses of 2000, and is now able to repay the last of the money which it borrowed from its Life Membership Fund.  I look forward to working with Harvey Reed as President, Steve Frymer as Vice President, Mark Kaprielian as Clerk, and with the Directors during the coming year.  In particular, I'd like to endorse Harvey Reed for President.  Harvey has done a good job in setting up agendas and chairing our meetings and helping the MACA board to work together as a team, and I hope he can continue to do this as President and not just as a chairman appointed by the board.

For Clerk (1 candidate)

Mark Kaprielian

I have served as Vice President in 1998 and again in 2000, and have been a steady volunteer for Maca over the last five years.  I have chaired and served on several Bylaw committees, served three years as the Database Processor and continues as the primary Web Master for the Maca web site.

I am currently in my seventh year as President of the MetroWest Chess Club and was one of four people who started the Club in 1983.  I also am the primary Web Master of the MCC Website.

I served as Vice President to Harvey Reed during his term as Maca President and am looking forward to working with him again as our MACA President.


For the Board of Directors (8 candidates) – 12 Total Positions to be Filled

Stephen Dann

Few take the science and business of organizing chess as seriously as it needs to be.  In the 30-plus years that I have been active, the ingredients of success have not changed.  Goals and teamwork inspire planning and execution.  MACA is no different than any other business, except that YOU are the stockholders!  We need your input and assistance, and volunteering can take many forms.  We can make tournaments and other competitions fun.  Tell the MACA officers what you, the customer, want!  MACA should include, not exclude, all chess players, and represent the Bay State in the USCF and world.

Frank Del Bonis

As a board member, I will help MACA become a stronger organization. 

During the past year, I have been very dedicated as a tournament director in many Scholastic Tournaments in Massachusetts, as well as promoting Scholastic

Chess throughout the state. I have also provided important tournament information which is posted each month for the MACA website. My efforts have included coaching, teaching, and organizing chess over the past 10 years. I am currently already involved in some capacity with most of the current members of MACA, and as an additional board member, I will help Massachusetts Chess to grow during the coming year.

Anthony “Tony” Gavelis
A chess parent and volunteer coach at the Kennedy Middle School Chess Club in Natick and an ACTIVE member of the MACA Scholastic Committee.   I have worked to make the scholastic tournament experience enjoyable for BOTH our young players and their parents.  I'm not done yet.  We still have a way to go to introduce chess to more schools, organize even better tournaments and make scholastic chess much more inclusive to a more diverse student population.   I need your vote to stay on the Board to continue our progress in scholastic chess in Massachusetts.

Gilbert F. “Gus” Gosselin

I'm asking for the support of the MACA membership in this election so I can continue to be the Coordinator of the "LIVING MEMORIAL CHESS FUND" and so I can continue playing an organizational role in MACA’s Scholastic Chess activities.

Robert King

(See statement from Officers section above)

Peter H. Lee

I want to thank the membership for supporting my directorship for the past three years, and look forward to continuing my contributions to scholastic chess next year. I am very proud of the improvements implemented with scholastic tournaments during this time period. As we look forward, my goal is create more opportunities for scholastic players to play in more competitive events. Please support Harvey Reed for president, as he can provide the organization, management and leadership skills for MACA during the coming year.

Tim Oliveri

Harvey Reed

(See statement from Officers section above)

Maryanne Reilly

I am a chess parent and the chess coach at Mason Rice Elementary School in Newton.  I currently teach
beginning chess for children and adults through the Newton Community Education program.  I hope to assist
the wildly successful scholastic division of MACA, and promote the long-term health of the organization by
advocating a balance of traditional and innovative activities.