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Maca Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes Prepared by Stephen Dann, Acting Clerk  

The meeting was called to order at 3:20 p.m. by incoming MACA VP Ken Belt. Stephen Dann agreed to take minutes in the absence of clerk Kaprielian and incoming clerk Michelle Dann.

The only written report was the treasurer’s, and Robert Messenger was directing the concurrent MA Open, and would present this and answer questions later in the meeting.

The chair asked those present to spread the word that MACA was looking for a membership data processor, and that we have a webmaster who will post any reports by MACA officials.

Gus Gossselin gave a report on the Living Memorial Chess Fund, and answered questions.

Robert King reported on publications, which entailed a chronicle of the cost-cutting measurestaken during the past year on Chess Horizons. An advertising manager is being sought. Inresponse to a question regarding the games archive provided by Hal Terrie, game annotators arebeing sought so more of these can be published.

The definitive five-page treasurers’ report was now presented by Robert Messenger with copies available to those present. The MACA fiscal year ends June 30, so the report reflects a partial year. To date, there is a $1,690 loss for this year to end June 30. There was a discussion abut the scholastic loss and scholastic donations, which differed widely from last year. Also discussed were scholastic entry fees (lower than other states) and prison chess funding.

Ken Belt reported that membership expiration postcards were sent out this year for the first time in recent years.

There was a discussion about prospects for there to be a new scholastic coordinator, and, as many volunteers as possible to assist him or her.

George Mirijanian asked that we resolve who won the state title in 1965 and 1966, which are unknown.

Several members asked that outgoing officers/directors be commended for their work this past year.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m. An attendance sheet was kept, but their was no quorum deemed present. The election certification was thus left to the MACA board’s June meeting, as per recent years.


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