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MACA Scholastics Photo Gallery: 2004 National K-12/Collegiate Chess Championship
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1. 2004 National:: Tournament Hall.
Photo by Severine Wamala
2. 2004 National: Lowell High School players going over games.
Photo by Severine Wamala
3. 2004 National: MA players and parents enjoy some off time at Disney.
Photo by Severine Wamala
4. 2004 National: Jacob, Jessica, Yowana Wamala with GM Maurice Ashley.
Photo by Severine Wamala
5. 2004 National: Sage School Players
From left to right: Clara Wang, Bary Lisak, Andrew Wang, Aaron Klein and Ryan Meuth.
Photo by Igor Lisak
6. 2004 National: 4th Grade National Champion Team - Sage School 4th Graders.
Photo by Igor Lisak
7. 2004 National: 4th Grade National Champion Andrew Wang accepting his trophy from USCF President Beatriz Marinello.
Photo by Severine Wamala
8. 2004 National: 4th Grader Arvand Sahakian.
Arvand finished with 5.5 pts and received 13th place trophy.
Photo by Seda Matevosian
9. 2004 National: Sage School 2nd Graders Clara Wang and Bary Lisak.
Both players finished with 5 pts (tied 15th place) and received Honorable Mention Trophies.
Photo by Igor Lisak
10. 2004 National: Kindergartener Mateos Sahakian.
Mateos finished with 5pts and received 8th place trophy (tied for 4th place).
Photo by Seda Matevosian
11. 2004 National: MACA member 4th Grader Stuart Finney (RI) with his dad Steven.
Stuart finished with 5 pts and received 17th place trophy.
Photo by Severine Wamala
12. 2004 National: MACA member 3th Grader Daniel Rozovsky (CT).
Daniel finished with 6 pts and received 5th place trophy.
Photo by Severine Wamala