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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, July 18, 2010
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA

                 MACA Executive Board
               Meeting of July 18, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM at Papa Gino's Restaurant,
291 Worcester Rd, Natick, MA, President Ken Ballou presiding.  Clerk
Brian Mottershead took the minutes.

In attendance were: Ken Ballou, Ken Belt, Steve Dann, Steve Frymer,
Brian Lafferty, Bob Messenger, Brian Mottershead,  Maryanne Reilly,
Alex Relyea, and Nick Sterling, constituting a quorum of the Board.

MOTION 0710-1, by Mottershead, seconded by Messenger.
 The Executive Board approves the minutes of its June 6, 2010 meeting
 as submitted by Brian Mottershead, Acting Clerk.  PASSED.

MOTION 0710-2, by Frymer, as Chair of Budget Committee, seconded by Messenger.
 The Executive Board shall establish a Chess Horizons Fund and adopt
 the FY11 budget proposal of the Budget Committee.  POSTPONED to August
 meeting, on motion of Mottershead.

MOTION 0710-3, by Lafferty, seconded by Mottershead.
 The Executive Board authorizes Lafferty to expend $40, more or less,
 to purchase raffle ticket stock for the Fundraising Committee.   PASSED.

MOTION 0710-4, by Ballou, seconded by Mottershead
 Let the minutes of this meeting show the current membership of MACA committees.

Herewith, the membership of MACA Committees.  The first-listed person
is the chair of the committee, as designated by EB Motions 0610-7 and 0710-7.
President Ken Ballou is a member ex-officio of all committees, and his name
is therefore omitted from these lists, except to show that he is Chair of the
Tournaments Committee.

  Tournaments                          Budget
   Ken Ballou                           Steve Frymer
   Bob Messenger                        Bob Messenger
   Alex Relyea                          Brian Mottershead

  Scholastics                          Fundraising
   Maryanne Reilly                      Brian Lafferty
   Steve Frymer
   Steve Dann                          Web
   Beebe Wiegand                        Brian Mottershead
                                        Tiffany Wang (Webmaster)
  Publications                          Bob Messenger
   Bob Messenger                        Maryanne Reilly
   Steve Dann                           Ken Belt
                                        Brian Lafferty
   Brian Mottershead
   Brian Lafferty
   Bob Messenger
   Ken Belt

MOTION 0710-5, by Lafferty, seconded by Mottershead
 The Executive Board ratifies the decision made by Ken Ballou and a majority
 of other board members, in an email discussion, to reimburse Andrew Wang up to $500
 for travel expenses related to his entry into the 2010 Denker Championship of High
 School Champions in Irvine, California.  PASSED.

MOTION 0710-6, by Mottershead, seconded by Lafferty.
 The Clerk shall send a weekly "heartbeat" email to the MACA board list. PASSED.

MOTION 0710-7, by Ballou, seconded by Lafferty.
 The Executive Board establishes a Web Committee for the 2010-2011 year, to
 make recommendations concerning the MACA website and to assist the Webmaster,
 Brian Mottershead to be Chair, with power to appoint other members.   PASSED.

MOTION 0710-8, by Ballou, seconded by Reilly.
 The next regular meeting of the Executive Board shall be at 6:00 PM
 on August 29, 2010 at the Papa Gino's Restaurant, 291 Worcester  Road, Natick,

The meeting ADJOURNED on motion of Reilly, seconded by Lafferty.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Mottershead

Posted on the MACA web site, with corrections, by Bob Messenger.