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03/25/2020 Candidate statements for the 2020 MACA Election

 Candidate statements for the 2020 MACA Election


MACA has not verified the accuracy of statements made by any of the candidates.


Oleg Poliannikov (incumbent)
MACA is the premier chess organizer in New England, and its smooth operation is critical for everyone.

Last year I ran on promises to announce MACA tournaments at least 6 months in advance, to help local TDs to certify for Senior TD/FIDE status, to update the website, and to support tournaments held by other organizers. All of that is reality now with MACA Board already planning the 2020-2021 season, Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix in full swing, and elevated status and level of Spiegel Cup Series tournaments. We will solidify these positive achievements in the next year.

The other focus will be on expanding the player base, improving tournaments for beginner players, and collaboration with chess clubs in schools, libraries and other places. Having seen tremendous success of leading Massachusetts player in the last years, it is even more critical to ensure equally bright future. 

I once again ask for your support, feedback, criticism, and participation. Every vote is of essence!

Robert E. King
My history of MACA service, as MACA President and Director make me uniquely qualified to be beneficial for MACA.  
An attendance problem exists.   Only half of the MACA Board showed up for the very important first meeting, where votes take place for chairmen of the committees.  The attendance rate was 6 of 12 showing up for the first meeting, 8 of 12 for the second, and 5 of 12 for the third.  Repeated no-show, Prathiba Yuvarajan, is running again.  Ten years ago, MACA passed without dissent the motion 
 "The Executive Board may remove by a simple majority any Executive Board member who has missed four consecutive regular board meetings."  Eight MACA Executives voted in favor of that Bylaws Amendment including Maryanne Reilly, Kenneth Ballou, Robert Messenger, Brian Mottershead, Stephen Dann, Alex Relyea, Robert King, and Margaret King.  That Bylaws Amendment was ratified by the membership.  We need a stronger Bylaws Amendment and change at the top of MACA because there is no one there to police their own!  An absolute travesty has taken place with a lack of attendance!   The MACA Board has to vote at the MACA Board meetings because there is no provision in the Bylaws for e-mail voting. 

Jeffrey Caruso (incumbent)

For the last 5 years I've given diligent, transparent, and absolutely impartial service as Elections Commissioner. I've reached out to online voters and paper-ballot voters to address their concerns, and have introduced our secure, cloud-based election platform ( 

In addition to the current board, I support Paul Arond and chess parent Latanya Sweeney.

Our board has fostered a culture of working hard together both via in-person meetings and online committee proceedings. Please give me your vote so I can continue to work for you!

Steve Frymer (incumbent)
1. board of directors 50+ years;
2. prez, vp, treasurer and clerk on many occasions;
3. prison chess coordinator for 30 years;
4. scholastic committee for years and current chair;
5. living memorial chess fund coordinator for several years; and
6. budget, election and tournament committee on many occasions.

Yi Wang (incumbent)
I served MACA board in 2019, specially in the scholastic and tournament committees. I have been volunteering in many MACA's tournaments as a TD and hotel coordinator to improve the play conditions. I am also the president of Boston Elite Chess Association, which has raised money and offered high-prize (~$5000) tournaments in the area. I have also promoted girls in chess: raised fund and crated an all-women Mass team "Lady Knights" to participate in USATE, and won the top U2100 team prize. I will continue contribute to Mass chess along these lines, and hope you support me to serve MACA.

Prathiba Yuvarajan (incumbent)
I will continue with my goals like last year. I will keep doing what I can to promote chess in schools, recreation programs and other places all over Massachusetts. I will continue to run many tournaments for all age groups. I will always support players as my first priority. 

My main goal is to encourage all kids to learn the game and provide more opportunities at professional level. Currently I am the owner and coach of ChessEmpireKids( I teach kids at various schools in MA and NH.

Paul Arond
After a year away due to family matters, I am ready to resume participation in and support of MACA and chess in Massachusetts. In four prior years as director, I provided support for tournament activities, banking and financial issues, and the elections process. If elected, I will continue to advocate for outreach that broadens and diversifies the chess community at large. I urge all MACA members to exercise their right to vote.

Steven Dann
Labored 10+ years culminating in 1980 to gain full non-profit status for MACA (along with legends like Harold Dondis, the USCF star).
Participated in 95%+ (250?) board/annual meetings across Massachusetts over the 33 years I was elected by secret ballot to serve you.
Enjoyed yeoman mentoring of volunteers promoting chess from toddlers in libraries to seniors in nursing homes, hospitals and restaurants.
Let's invigorate our once folksy website to welcome all who wish the bounties of the hobby, sport and educational opportunities.
Contact me directly to share ANY positive ideas to rebuild/renew MACA communication and outreach! (508.753.7270)




Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

03/13/2020Hurvitz Cup cancelled. Spiegel Cup Finals are cancelled until further notice


Dear MACA members! 

MACA worked hard to ensure that this year Hurvitz Cup and Spiegel Cup Finals would be better than ever before. We booked nicer venues and improved the format. We wanted to see the result as much as you did.

However, as the Coronavirus situation continues to develop in a highly volatile fashion, chess takes back seat in people's mind, and there is no way to conduct these tournaments at an acceptable level, or at all. Future government guidances are hard to predict. We are forced to make hard decisions now. 

Hurvitz Cup is therefore cancelled. Unfortunately, we will not have it this year. Spiegel Cup Finals are cancelled until further notice. We will monitor the situation and try to hold the tournament in late May-early June. We will keep you posted!

Thank you for your understanding! Stay healthy!

Oleg Poliannikov
MACA President  


Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA President

03/8/2020Prize winners at the Massachusetts Girls Qualifier

Prize winners in the Massachusetts Girls Qualifier, held March 8th in Norwood.

Open Section

1st Riya Kanury 3-1
2nd-3rd Meghana Kunamneni (playoff winner), Carah Su 2.5

Under 1000 Section

1st Dheekshitha Sriram 4-0
2nd Sarayu Mudundi 3-1
3rd Annabelle Zhang 2-2

The tournament was directed by Robb Stewart.

Bob Messenger
MACA Board Member

03/1/2020Prize winners at the Fourth Spiegel Cup Qualifier

Prize winners at the Fourth Spiegel Cup Qualifier, held March 1st in Westford, Mass.

Age 14 & Under Section

1st-2nd Y Owen Li (playoff winner), Rafael Pashkov 3.5-0.5
3rd-4th Venkatraman Varatharajan, Sritan Devineni 3-1

Age 11 & Under Section

1st Victor Feng 3.5-0.5
2nd-4th Shouri Mosaliganti, Oskar Zoffer, Y Luke Ji 3-1

Age 8 & Under Section

1st David Figelman 3.5-0.5
2nd-4th Pragyan Sriman, Evan Shi, Christian Li 3-1

Reserve Under 1200 Section

1st-2nd David Abadie, Yan Barash 3.5-0.5
3rd-6th Suhavi Tiruveedhula, Uri Netzer, Jaswant Ambati, Amy Nguyen 3-1

Reserve Under 800 Section

1st-2nd Daniel Tatar, Johanna Greisen 3.5-0.5
3rd-7th Sriman Devineni, Prayag Karthik, Kayla Zhang, Jianda Liu, Harry Li 3-1

Reserve Under 400 Section

1st Jacob Shteyman 4-0
2nd-6th Gregory Agranovitch, Annie Shi, Maximum Rhys Claburn, Jacob Landau, Lucas Liu 3-1

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order except as noted.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, and Dmitry Barash.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

02/29/20204th Spiegel Qualifier will take place on March 1. Advanced entries are posted

SwissSys Wall Chart. 4th Spiegel Cup Qualifier: Age 14 & Under Section 




Rd 1

Rd 2

Rd 3

Rd 4


Y Owen Ji







1880 16225038 







Skyler Zhou







1859 15456428 







Rafael Pashkov







1848 15251590 







Saanvi Tiruveedhula







1750 15087552 







Kaustubh Kislay







1738 16312814 







Jack Tompros







1693 14909774 







Venkatraman Varatharajan







1672 15415283 







Sritan Devineni







1664 15586296 







Ian Van Hulle







1628 15170895 







Krishna Saketh Mutnuri







1567 15383635 







Jacob Qijie Wu







1490 16337966 







Dennis Jin 







1407 15366371 







Arnesh Yeola







1405 15838967 







Amit Piryatinsky







1263 15793565 







John Gerald Avery







1239 16706744 







Holden Chalfant







1237 15214147 







SwissSys Wall Chart. 4th Spiegel Cup Qualifier: Age 11 & Under Section 




Rd 1

Rd 2

Rd 3

Rd 4


Victor Feng







1863 15560438