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MACA Board Meeting Archived Minutes List
Year 2009 and Prior
2009 - 2010:
Date: 11/22/09Minutes
Date: 10/18/09Minutes
Date: 09/27/09Minutes
Date: 08/02/09Minutes
Date: 06/20/09Minutes
2008 - 2009:
Date: 05/24/09Minutes
Date: 04/26/09Minutes
Date: 03/22/09Minutes
Date: 02/10/09Minutes
Date: 01/13/09Minutes
Date: 12/14/08Minutes
Date: 11/16/08Minutes
Date: 10/19/08Minutes
Date: 09/14/08Minutes
Date: 07/20/08Minutes
Date: 06/14/08Minutes
2007 - 2008:
Date: 05/04/08Minutes
Date: 03/16/08Minutes
Date: 02/24/08Minutes
Date: 12/09/07Minutes
Date: 10/28/07Minutes
Date: 09/09/07Minutes
Date: 06/24/07Minutes
2006 - 2007:
Date: 02/18/07Minutes
Date: 01/07/07Minutes
Date: 11/19/06Minutes
Date: 10/24/06Minutes
Date: 09/24/06Minutes
Date: 06/17/06Minutes
2005 - 2006:
Date: 03/18/06Minutes
Date: 02/19/06Minutes
Date: 01/15/06Minutes
Date: 10/25/05Minutes
Date: 09/27/05Minutes
Date: 08/16/05Minutes
Date: 07/19/05Minutes
2004 - 2005:
Date: 03/29/05Minutes
Date: 01/22/05Minutes
Date: 12/05/04Minutes
Date: 11/06/04Minutes
Date: 10/10/04Minutes
Date: 07/24/04Minutes
Date: 06/30/04Minutes
2003 - 2004:
Date: 05/30/04Annual Meeting
Date: 04/27/04Minutes
Date: 03/14/04Minutes
Date: 01/25/04Minutes
Date: 11/23/03Minutes
Date: 10/10/03Minutes
Date: 08/21/03Minutes
Date: 07/12/03Minutes
Date: 06/08/03Minutes
Date: 05/25/03Annual Meeting
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2002 - 2003:
Motions Summary for 2002 - 2003
Date: 04/10/03Treasurer Report
Date: 03/13/03MinutesScholastics
Date: 02/13/03MinutesTreasurer
Date: 01/09/03MinutesTreasurerScholastics
Date: 12/12/02MinutesTreasurerScholastics
Date: 11/14/02MinutesTreasurerScholasticsProposal - Maca Web GuidelinesProposal - Maca Database Guidelines
Date: 10/17/02AgendaMinutesPresident’s ReportScholasticsScholastics Registration EffortTreasurerVision and Programs Discussion ChartVolunteersVision Discussion (post meeting)
Date: 09/18/02AgendaMinutesScholasticsTreasurer
Date: 08/21/02AgendaMinutesTreasurer
Date: 07/17/02MinutesTreasurer
Date: 06/17/02Minutes
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2001 - 2002:
Motions Summary for 2001 - 2002
Date: 05/20/02Meeting canceled on 04/29/02.
Date: 04/29/02Minutes
Date: 03/18/02Minutes
Date: 02/11/02Minutes
Date: 01/14/02Minutes
Date: 12/10/01AgendaMinutes
Date: 11/12/01MinutesInvestment
Date: 10/17/01MinutesTreasurerScholasticInvestment
Date: 09/19/01Minutes
Date: 08/15/01Minutes
Date: 07/18/01Minutes
Date: 06/13/01Minutes
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2000 - 2001:
Motions Summary for 2000 - 2001
Date: 05/14/01Minutes
Date: 04/09/01Minutes
Date: 03/12/01Minutes
Date: 02/12/01AgendaMinutes
Date: 01/03/01Minutes
Date: 12/18/00Minutes
Date: 11/27/00Minutes
Date: 10/27/00Minutes
Date: 09/21/00Minutes
Date: 07/09/00Minutes
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1999 - 2000:
Date: 05/07/00Minutes
Date: 04/02/00Minutes
Date: 03/12/00Minutes
Date: 02/13/00Minutes
Date: 01/09/00Minutes
Date: 12/12/99Minutes
Date: 11/07/99Minutes
Date: 10/03/99Minutes
Date: 07/18/99Minutes
Date: 06/27/99Minutes
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1998 - 1999:
Date: 10/14/98Minutes
Date: 07/27/98Minutes
Date: 06/07/98Minutes