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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, August 29, 2010
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA


 MACA Executive Board
 Meeting of August 29, 2010
The meeting was CALLED TO ORDER  at 6:10 PM at Papa Gino's Restaurant, 291 Worcester Rd, Natick, MA, President Ken Ballou presiding. Clerk Brian Mottershead took the minutes.
In attendance were: Ken Ballou, Steve Dann, Steve Frymer, Brian Lafferty, Bob Messenger, Brian Mottershead, Alex Relyea, and Nick Sterling, constituting a quorum of the Board.
MOTION 0810-1, by Mottershead, seconded by Messenger.
The Executive Board approves the minutes of its July 18, 2010 meeting as submitted by the Clerk, and corrected by the board. PASSED.
MOTION 0710-2, reported by Budget Committee (Frymer)
 The Executive Board shall establish a Chess Horizons Fund.
 - Motion by Mottershead, seconded by Lafferty to RECOMMIT, with instructions to consider de novo. FAILED. Motion by Dann to RECONSIDER, FAILED.
 - Motion by Mottershead, seconded by Lafferty to AMEND by striking and replacing wording of the main motion in its entirety. REFERRED TO COMMITTEE (Budget), along with main motion 0710-2, on motion of Ballou, seconded by Lafferty.
MOTION 0810-2, by Dann, seconded by Lafferty.
The Executive Board appoints Maryanne Reilly, or in the event she declines, Brian Lafferty, to the Budget Committee. PASSED.
MOTION 0810-3, by general consensus.
The next regular meeting of the Executive Board shall be September 19, at 6.00PM at Papa Gino's Restaurant, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA. PASSED BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT.
The meeting ADJOURNED at 7:54 PM on motion of Relyea, seconded by Lafferty.
Respectfully submitted,
Brian Mottershead

Posted on the MACA web site, with corrections, by Bob Messenger