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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, June 6, 2010
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA

                 MACA Executive Board
               Meeting of June 6, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM at Papa Gino's Restaurant,
291 Worcester Rd, Natick, MA, Vice-President Ken Ballou presiding in
the place of President Maryanne Reilly. In the absence of Clerk
Nicholas Sterling, Brian Mottershead took the minutes.

In attendance were: Ken Ballou, Ken Belt, Steve Frymer, Margaret King,
Robby King, Brian Lafferty, Bob Messenger, Brian Mottershead, Steve
Dann, and Maryanne Reilly.

MOTION 0610-1, by Messenger, seconded by Lafferty
 The Executive Board approves the minutes of its April 25, 2010 meeting
 as submitted by Ken Ballou, Acting Clerk. PASSED.

NOTED: The Annual Meeting of the MACA membership, was held, as
noticed, during the Massachusetts Open, May 25, 2010.  Being
inquorate, the meeting transacted no business.

REPORT OF ELECTIONS COMMISSION: For the Elections Commission, Bob
Messenger reported the results of the 2010 Election, as follows:

 For President: Ken Ballou, 91 votes; Robert King, 28 votes; Write-ins: 3 votes.
 For Vice-President: Maryanne Reilly, 113 votes; Write-ins: 2 votes.
 For Clerk: Brian Mottershead, 98 votes, Write-ins: 2 votes.
 For Treasurer: Bob Messenger 118 votes; Write-ins: 2 votes.

 For Director: Steve Frymer: 110 votes; Alex Relyea 104 votes;
 Maryanne Reilly: 103 votes; Brian Mottershead: 87 votes;
 Brian Lafferty: 85 votes; Ken Belt: 84 votes; Steve Dann: 83
 votes; Robert King: 79 votes; Margaret King: 78 votes; George
 Mirijanian: 5 votes; Ken Ballou: 4 votes; Nicholas Sterling: 3 votes;
 JOhn Curdo: 2 votes; Beebe Wiegand: 2 votes; Donna Alarie: 2 votes.

 Ratification of Bylaws Amendment #1 (Section 7.2): Yes 100 votes; No: 6 votes.
 Ratification of Bylaws Amendment #2 (Section 4.6): Yes 91 votes; No: 20 votes.

MOTION 0610-2, by Mottershead, seconded by Lafferty, as amended on motion
of Messenger:
 The Executive Board certifies the election of 2010-2011
 officers as follows: As President, Ballou; as Vice President, Reilly;
 as Clerk: Mottershead; as Treasurer: Messenger; as Director: Frymer,
 Relyea, Lafferty, Belt, Dann, R. King, M.King, Mirijanian, Sterling,
 Curdo, Wiegand, and Alarie.  PASSED.

MOTION 0610-3, by Messenger, seconded by Reilly:
 The Executive Board certifies the ratification of the two By-laws
 Amendments.  PASSED.

MOTION 0610-4, by Mottershead, seconded by Lafferty:
 The Clerk shall send emails to the 2010-2011 Directors elected by virtue
 of write-in votes; namely, Mirijanian, Sterling, Curdo, Wiegand, and
 Alarie, notifying them of their election.   Said persons shall accept
 their election by the end of the next Board meeting. Failing such
 acceptance they shall be deemed not to have taken up office as Director. PASSED.

MOTION 0610-5, by Messenger, seconded by an unrecorded person:
 The custodian of the ballots for the 2010 election (Messenger)  is
 authorized to destroy said ballots. PASSED.

MOTION 0610-6, by Messenger, seconded by Reilly, AS AMENDED on motion of Mottershead:
 The Acting Chess Horizons Editor (Messenger) is hereby authorized to
 expend up to $200 to reimburse various persons for nomination fees incurred
 for the nomination of Chess Horizons volunteers or the MACA Webmaster for
 the Chess Journalists of America 2010 Annual Awards.  There shall be no
 reimbursement for self-nominations or for CJA membership dues.  PASSED.

MOTION 0610-7, by various movers and seconders.
 The board proceeded, seriatim, through several motions designating committee
 chairpersons and other MACA officials for the 2010-2011 term.    For convenience
 these are presented here collectively, as follows:

 The Executive Board hereby appoints the following Committee
 Chairpersons, Coordinators, and other officials for the 2010-2011

  Scholastic Committee Chair: Maryanne Reilly
  Tournament Committee Chair: Ken Ballou
  Publications Committee Chair: Bob Messenger
  Bylaws Committee Chair: Brian Mottershead
  Budget Committee Chair: Steve Frymer
  Fundraising Committee Chair: Brian Lafferty
  Living Memorial Chess Fund Coordinator: Steve Frymer
  Membership Secretary: Bob Messenger
  Prison Chess Coordinator: Steve Frymer
  Volunteer Coordinator: Steve Dann
  Parliamentarian: Brian Mottershead

 Positions designated as "Committee Chairs" shall be authorized
 to appoint the members of their respective committees.   PASSED.

MOTION 0610-8, by Robby King, seconded by Margaret King:
 The Executive Board hereby censures Brian Lafferty for unacceptable language
 directed at Robby King in emails to the MACA Board mailing list.  POSTPONED
 INDEFINITELY on motion of Mottershead.

MOTION 0610-9, by Robby King, seconded by Margaret King:
 Robby King and Margaret King, having announced their resignations from
 the Executive Board for the 2010-2011 term, the Executive Board
 hereby accepts said resignations.  PASSED.

MOTION 0610-10, by Messenger, seconded by an unrecorded person:
 The Treasurer is hereby authorized to reimburse Stephen Dann for the
 plaque he purchased and awarded on behalf of MACA to George
 Mirijanian for his long service to MACA, on the occasion of
 Mirijanian's departure from the MACA Board.  PASSED.

MOTION 0610-11, by Ballou, seconded by Reilly:
 The next meeting of the Executive Board, shall be at 3:00 PM on July
 18, 2010, at the Papa Gino's Restaurant, 291 Worcester Road,
 Natick, MA.  PASSED.

The meeting ADJOURNED on motion of Reilly, seconded by Lafferty.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Mottershead

Posted on the MACA web site by Bob Messenger.