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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Annual Meeting, May 30, 2011
 Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlborough, MA


President G. Mirijanian called the Annual Membership Meeting to order at 9:06 AM at the Best Western Hotel in Marlboro, site of the 80th Massachusetts Open.  Twelve people were in attendance: President George Mirijanian, Treasurer Robert Messenger, Clerk Brian Mottershead, Clerk-Elect Nicholas Sterling (who took the Minutes of the Meeting), and Directors Stephen Dann, Peter Majahad, Robert E. King, and five additional MACA Members: Eugene Bedard, Tom Provost, Kenneth Ballou, Michael Griffin, Brian Santiago. A quorum of thirty being required by the Bylaws, the meeting was declared inquorate.
Election results were read by Elections Commission Member S. Dann. The ballots have been disposed of.
No. of ballots issued: 666
No. of ballots returned: 108
No. of valid ballots: 107
No. of invalid ballots: 1 (only for Director; counted toward Officer)
96 George Mirijanian
 1 John Elmore (write-in)
  1 Ken Ballou (write-in)
  1 Maryanne Reilly (write-in)
 9 blank
97 Steve Frymer
  1  Bill Kelleher (write-in)
10 blank
104  Bob Messenger
    1 Brian Mottershead (write-in)
    3 blank
93  Nicholas Sterling
  1  Steve Dann (write-in)
  1  Beebe Wiegand (write-in)
13 blank
81 Larry Eldridge
74  Stephen Dann
74 Walter Driscoll
73 Ken Belt
63 Robert E. King
62 Dan Sullivan
[58 Nicholas Sterling – passed over as he was elected Clerk]
55  Brian Mottershead
49 Peter Majahad
Ratification #1 (Reduce the size of the board):
89 Yes             10 No
Ratification #2 (Change the quorum for board meetings):
86 Yes             13 No
Ratification #3 (Board majority action by writing):
92 Yes             6 No
Ratification #4 (President not on Elections Commission):
90 Yes             7 No
Ratification #5 (Online voting):
81 Yes             16 No
Ratification #6 (10 votes needed for Director):
86 Yes             11 No
Ratification #7 (Board takes office at end of Annual Meeting):
92 Yes             5 No
Ratification #8 (Eliminate references to appointed Officers):
86 Yes             8 No
Tellers: Ken & Maureen Belt, and Nita Patel
Treasurer’s report was read by B. Messenger. (a) Net income of the General Fund year-to-date as of 4/30/11: $6606.16 (with $3250 transferred from LMCF and Prison Fund). (b) (i) Year-to-date Special Fund income: $2340.99, with $631.44 dividends. (ii) Year-to-date Special Fund expenses: $5540.05. (iii) Year-to-date Special Fund net loss: $3199.06 (reflecting higher transfers this year). (c) Year-to-date Changes in Fund Balances: $3407.10 net income.
Membership: (a) B. Messenger read the 5/26/11 Membership numbers as follows: Adults 215 (+8); Family 0 (-37); Junior 340 (+37); Life 218 (-3); Affiliate 1 (0); Complimentary 6 (+2); D. Library 5; D. Subscriber 29;Exchange 16 (-1);Library 0; Prison 262 (+16); Subscriber 24 (-35). Total change in Memberships and Subscriptions: +15.
President G. Mirijanian adjourned the Annual Membership Meeting at 9:21 AM. The date, time, and place for the June Board Meeting are Saturday, 6/18/11, 6:00 PM at the Papa Gino’s in Natick.
                                                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Nicholas Sterling, Clerk