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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, February 7, 2010
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA

The meeting was called to order at 2:02 PM.  In attendance:  Maryanne Reilly, Kenneth Ballou, Robert Messenger, George Mirijanian, Stephen Dann, Alex Relyea, Steve Frymer, Brian Lafferty, Brian Mottershead, Beebe Wiegand, and guests Nita Patel and Gail Lingner.

The minutes of the January 9, 2010, meeting were accepted by unanimous consent.

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report.  There was a gain of $1,201.66 for the month of January.

Mr. Messenger presented the membership report (available as an appendix to these minutes).

The dues restructuring committee presented the following motion.

MOTION 0210-1: (Dues restructuring committee) New and renewing junior and adult memberships will not include a printed mailed copy of Chess Horizons.  There will be two additional membership classes: "junior with magazine", at a cost of $18 per year, and "adult with magazine", at a cost of $24 per year.

MOTION 0210-1a: Messenger/Ballou, amend motion 0210-1 by inserting the words "Effect May 1, 2010" at the beginning.  PASSED 7-2 (for: Relyea, Messenger, Ballou, Lafferty, Mottershead, Reilly, Wiegand; against: Mirijanian, Dann; abstaining, Frymer).

MOTION 0210-1b: Messenger/Frymer, amend motion 0210-1 to change the price of "junior with magazine" membership to $12 per year and "adult with magazine" membership to $18 per year.

MOTION 0210-1c: Mottershead/Ballou, amend motion 0210-1b by pricing "junior with magazine" membership at $14 per year and "adult with magazine" membership at $20 per year.  The motion FAILED with a vote of 5-5.

The vote was then taken on motion 0210-1b.  The motion FAILED.

Motion 0210-1c was then reconsidered as amending the main motion.  The vote to amend PASSED 7-3 (for: Messenger, Ballou, Reilly, Lafferty, Mottershead, Wiegand, Frymer; against: Mirijanian, Dann, Relyea).

The vote on motion 0210-1 as amended was then taken:

MOTION: New and renewing junior and adult memberships will not include a printed mailed copy of Chess Horizons.  There will be two additional membership classes: "junior with magazine", at a cost of $14 per year, and "adult with magazine", at a cost of $20 per year.

The motion PASSED 8-2 (for: Messenger, Ballou, Reilly, Lafferty, Mottershead, Wiegand, Frymer, Relyea; against: Mirijanian, Dann).

MOTION 0210-2:  Reilly/Lafferty, Effective May 1, 2010, the family membership category is discontinued.

MOTION 0210-2a: Dann/Mirijanian, the vote on motion 0210-2 will be taken by roll call.  FAILED 2-7 (for: Dann, Mirijanian; against: Relyea, Ballou, Frymer, Lafferty, Mottershead, Reilly, Wiegand; abstaining: Messenger).

(Ms. Wiegand left at 3:10 PM.)

MOTION 0210-3: Reilly/Messenger, Life members will not receive printed mailed copies of Chess Horizons after May 1, 2010, unless MACA is notified otherwise.  MACA will send a letter by first class mail notifying life members of this change.  PASSED 7-0 (abstaining: Frymer, Dann)

MOTION 0210-4: Messenger/Lafferty, Sale of life memberships will be discontinued as of May 1, 2010.  PASSED 6-2 (for: Reilly, Ballou, Relyea, Messenger, Lafferty, Mottershead; against: Dann, Mirijanian; abstaining, Frymer)

MOTION 0210-5: Reilly/Lafferty, Life memberships sold between now and May 1, 2010, will not receive printed mailed copies of Chess Horizons. WITHDRAWN

MOTION 0210-6: Messenger/Reilly, Transfer $8 per prisoner and $8 per life member receiving a printed copy of Chess Horizons annually to the general fund.  Transfer $4 per life member not receiving a printed copy of Chess Horizons annually to the general fund.  The transfer will occur each December.  PASSED 7-1 (for: Reilly, Ballou, Relyea, Messenger, Lafferty, Mottershead, Frymer; against: Mirijanian; abstaining: Dann)

Mr. Relyea presented the election commission report.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report.

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report.

Mr. Lafferty presented the LMCF report.

Mr. Mirijanian presented the public relations and promotions report.

MOTION 0210-7: Messenger/Reilly, Nominate Max Sewell as interim editor for the April, 2010, issue of Chess Horizons and urge the editor search committee to nominate a permanent editor by the next board meeting. PASSED 7-0 (abstaining: Dann, Mirijanian)

Mr. Frymer presented the prison chess report.  Eight sets have been provided to the Rhode Island training school and the Wyatt facility.

Mr. Dann presented the education committee report.  The committee has visited the Auburn junior club.  There are 22 active library programs and junior clubs; most meet weekly.  There is a formal program; details are available from the library web site.

(Mr. Lafferty left at 4:20 PM.)

MOTION 0210-8: Reilly/Ballou, Sponsor the Boston Blitz for $500.  Passed 8-0.

MOTION 0210-9: Messenger/Reilly, The April, 2010, issue of Chess Horizons will be twenty-four (24) pages long and will be printed at the best available price.  PASSED 5-2.

MOTION 0210-10, Adjourn.  PASSED without dissent.

The next meeting will be held Sunday, March 14, 2010, at Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick.

The meeting adjourned at 5:01 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, acting clerk


Membership report as of February 6, 2010

 196 adult members
 40 family members
 367 junior members
 219 life members
  1 affiliate member
 17 exchanges with other organizations
  5 libraries
 232 prison
 58 subscribers
1135 total
1095 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
 822 corporate members
 782 voting members

Compared with the previous membership report presented at the January 9,
2010, board meeting, this represents the following changes in membership

-11 adult members
- 6 family members
- 6 junior members
- 1 complementary copy of Chess Horizons
+ 6 prison
- 3 subscribers
-21 total
-15 receiving copies of Chess Horizons
-23 corporate members
-17 voting members

Robert D. Messenger
Membership Secretary