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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, April 14, 2012
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA



President G. Mirijanian called the April Board Meeting to order at 4:23 PM at the Papa Gino’s in Natick.  Nine people were in attendance: President George Mirijanian, Vice-President Steven Frymer, Treasurer Robert Messenger, Clerk Nicholas Sterling, and Directors Larry Eldridge, Richard Kinne, Stephen Dann, Brian Mottershead, and Walter Driscoll.   In addition, we had several guests from the Newton North and Acton-Boxborough Regional High School chess teams, including Winston Huang, Embert Lin, and Tian Rossi, together with their parents.


Scholastics: * * ADVANCE MOTION (412-1) made by G. Mirijanian and seconded by W. Driscoll: “That the decision of the Chief TD regarding the drawn match between Newton North High School and Acton-Boxborough High School in the last round be sustained and the final results remain as they are.”

(i) B. Mottershead reported that the Scholastic Committee had met and discussed the match.  Parents of players on the Lexington High School team alleged that the Newton North and Acton-Boxborough teams had agreed to prearranged draws in violation of USCF rules.  The Scholastic Committee did not vote on a formal recommendation for the Executive Board, but discussed three possible outcomes:

(1) MACA would do nothing and wait for the USCF to make a decision through the appeals process; (2) MACA would uphold the decision of the Chief Tournament Director, R. Messenger, to allow the drawn result of the match to stand; or (3) the Grades 9-12 section of the Hurvitz Cup would be canceled and replayed, the original tournament counting for rating purposes but not for the championship.

                        (ii) R. Messenger spoke in favor of the Motion, explaining his thinking behind his decision, and said that a USCF ruling could be used as future guidance.

                        (iii) B. Mottershead spoke in objection to the Motion, citing 3 USCF rules which the Lexington parents claimed were violated, plus others listed in detail from Brian’s own research; in his opinion, the USCF Code of Ethics was violated at its Condition (c).

                        (iii) G. Mirijanian MOVED THE QUESTION.






                        (iv) The VOTE was taken by ROLL-CALL:

                                                George Mirijanian - yes

Steven Frymer - yes

Stephen Dann - yes

Robert Messenger - abstain

Brian Mottershead - no

Richard Kinne - yes

Walter Driscoll - yes

 Larry Eldridge - abstain

Nicholas Sterling – no

                                        With 5 votes in favor, 2 against, and 2 abstentions, the MOTION passed. * *


Minutes of the March Board Meeting were distributed by Clerk N. Sterling.

* * MOTION made by R. Messenger and seconded by R. Kinne to accept the Minutes as distributed.  The VOTE was taken; with 6 votes in favor versus 1 abstention and 2 Directors absent from the table at that moment, the MOTION passed. * *


Treasurer’s report was read by R. Messenger:

 (i) (1) Net income of the General Fund this period as of 3/31/12: $731.35. (2) Net income of the General Fund year-to-date as of 3/31/12: $1927.82 net loss.

(ii) (1) Special Fund income this period as of 3/31/12: $189.07, with 107.86 dividends. (2) Year-to-date Special Fund income: $3882.29, with $527.49 dividends. (iii) (1) Special Fund expenses this period: $27.50.  (2) Year-to-date Special Fund expenses: $2865.68. (iv) (1) Special Fund net income this period: $161.57. (2) Year-to-date Special Fund net income: $1016.61. (v) March 2012 Changes in Fund Balances: This Period: $892.92; Year-to-Date: $911.21 net loss. (vi) Total Assets as of March 2012: $59017.20.

(vii) Reserve for Chess Horizons Expenses: $3355. (viii) Hurvitz Cup net income: $1612.87 (reported also under Scholastics).


Membership: R. Messenger read the 4/12/12 Membership numbers as follows: Adults 187 (-18); Junior 412 (+52); Life 216 (=); Affiliate 2 (=); Complimentary 4 (=); D. Library 5 (=); D. Subscriber 9 (-1); Exchange 16 (+9); Prison 276 (=); Subscriber 22 (=).  Total change in Memberships and Subscriptions: +33.

Tournament: R. Messenger reported: (i) Four Points by Sheraton at Leominster is proposed to be the site for the New England Open, and MACA will step up to run the tournament if their bid is approved by NECA Vice-President John Elmore; (ii) there are questions to settle about what fees to charge, based on how large a prize fund should be guaranteed and what minimum attendance should be expected; (iii) the deadline for proposing the bid to NECA is 5/10/12.  [Clerk’s NOTE: The bid submission was subsequently made and approved.]


Elections: G. Mirijanian reported that the expense for mailing ballots was $512.  Ballots will be opened on Saturday 5/26 during the MA Open; volunteers are needed as counters and tellers.


Publications: R. Messenger reported that he will aim to publish Chess Horizons by the end of April.


Old Business: none


New Business: G. Mirijanian will draw up an Advance Agenda for the Memorial Day Annual Meeting, his last Agenda as outgoing President.


President G. Mirijanian adjourned the April Board Meeting at 6:22 PM.  The date, time, and place of the Annual Board Meeting are Monday 5/28/12, at 9:00 AM, at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlboro, site of the 81st Massachusetts Open.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        Nicholas Sterling, Clerk