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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Annual Meeting, May 27, 2013
 Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlborough, MA


President R. King called the Annual Membership Meeting to order at 9:00 AM at the Best Western Hotel in Marlboro, site of the 82nd Massachusetts Open.  Nine people were in attendance: President Robert King, Treasurer Robert Messenger, Clerk Nicholas Sterling, Directors Stephen Dann, George Mirijanian, Marc Turgeon, Nathan Smolensky, and Walter Driscoll; and one additional MACA Member: Eric Godin.  A quorum of thirty being required by the Bylaws, the meeting was inquorate.

President: R. King reviewed his term as outgoing President and discussed chiefly the history of his effort to set up a MACA Investment Committee to investigate stock and mutual fund investment strategies, and to have MACA select Scottrade as broker.        R. King also expressed hope that there would be a larger number of MACA tournaments organized.


Election results were read by Elections Commission Member G. Mirijanian.


No. of ballots issued: 788

No. of ballots returned: 113

No. of valid ballots: 113


PRESIDENT: Nathan Smolensky of Brookline - 73 votes

                        Robert E. King of Plymouth -           39 votes

                        Blanks                                                1


VICE PRESIDENT: John Sadoff of Somerville -   59 votes

                             Marc Turgeon of Plymouth -        49 votes

                             Blanks                                            5


TREASURER: Bob Messenger of Nashua, NH - 103 votes

                             Blanks                                          10


CLERK: Nicholas Sterling of Needham -            95 votes

             Steven Frymer of Lexington (write-in) -        1 vote

             Blanks                                                        17






George M. Mirijanian of Fitchburg -      89 votes

Steven J. Frymer of Lexington -            85 votes

Richard C. "Doc" Kinne of Somerville - 85 votes

Walter A. Driscoll III of Cambridge -      80 votes

John Sadoff of Somerville -                        75 votes

Marc Turgeon of Plymouth -                  71 votes

Stephen A. Dann of Worcester -            66 votes

Robert E. King of Plymouth -                 54 votes

Kenneth P. Belt of Concord -                 52 votes



Nathan Smolensky of Brookline -         13 votes

Mark Kaprielian of Framingham -           4 votes

Maryanne Reilly of Newton Centre -       3 votes

Kenneth Ballou of Framingham -           2 votes

Daniel C. Racine of Quincy -                2 votes

Donna M. Alarie of Rutland -                 1 vote

Dmitry Barash of Brighton -                  1 vote

Walter J. Champion of Wellesley -        1 vote

Christopher Chase of Somerville -         1 vote

John P. Elmore of Stratham, NH -         1 vote

Eric Fauman of Newton -                      1 vote

Paul Felker of Quincy -                         1 vote

Igor Foygel of Brookline -                      1 vote

Margaret King of Amherst -                   1 vote

Mikhail Perelshteyn of Swampscott -     1 vote

F. Alexander Relyea of Bedford, NH -     1 vote

James A. Rizzitano of Southborough -    1 vote

Daniel Sullivan of Medford -                    1 vote

David E. Vigorito of Andover -                 1 vote


Elections Commission: Walter Driscoll, Stephen Dann, George Mirijanian

Tellers: Walter Driscoll, Stephen Dann, Percy Yip, Donna Alarie, David W. Martin


Treasurer’s report was read by R. Messenger.  He commented that Chess Horizons had not been published over the past year, but that the new Editor Doc Kinne was actively working to get the magazine out again this summer.  There has been a Chess Horizons Reserve Fund, but it will be dissolved at the beginning of the new fiscal year.


(i) (1) Net income of the General Fund year-to-date this year as of 4/30/13: $3988.06 net gain. (2) Net income of the General Fund year-to-date last year as of 4/30/12: $1019.03 net loss. (ii) (1) Special Fund income year-to-date this year as of 4/30/13: $1048.37, with $508.27 dividends. (2) Special Fund income year-to-date last year as of 4/30/12: $3965.98, with $608.82 dividends. (iii) (1) Special Fund expenses year-to-date this year as of 4/30/13: $4338.16. (2) Special Fund expenses year-to-date last year as of 4/30/12: $2914.31. (iv) (1) Special Fund net income year-to-date this year as of 4/30/13: $3289.79 net loss. (2) Special Fund net income year-to-date last year as of 4/30/12: $1051.67 net gain. (v) Changes in Fund Balances: Year-to-Date: $698.27 net gain. (vi) Total Assets as of 4/30/13: $66074.08. (vii) Reserve for Chess Horizons Expenses: $9025.


Membership: B. Messenger read the 5/23/13 Membership numbers as follows: Adults 199 (-5); Junior 442 (+57); Life 213 (-2); Affiliate 3 (+1); Complimentary 1 (-3); D. Library 5 (=); D. Subscriber 20 (+11); Exchange 16 (=); Prison 273 (-7); Subscriber 10 (-10).  Total change in Membership and Subscribers: +42.


Outgoing President R. King turned the Meeting over to Incoming President

N. Smolensky.


President N. Smolensky adjourned the Annual Membership Meeting at 9:30 AM.  The date, time, and place for the June Board Meeting are Sunday 6/9/13 at 6:00 PM at the Papa Gino’s in Natick.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Nicholas Sterling, Clerk