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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, May 4, 2014
 New England Sports Academy, 345 University Avenue, Westwood, MA 02090



President N. Smolensky called the May Board Meeting to order at 5:46 PM at New England Sports Academy in Westwood.  Six people were in attendance: President Nathan Smolensky, Treasurer Robert Messenger, Clerk Nicholas Sterling, and Directors Stephen Dann, Ken Belt (arrived 6:10 PM) and Richard Kinne.  The Meeting was held concurrently with an Elections Commission’s meeting to prepare ballots for mailing.


Minutes of the March Board Meeting were distributed by N. Sterling, and amendments requested.  * * MOTION made by R. Messenger and seconded by N. Smolensky to approve the March Board Meeting Minutes as amended; with 1 abstention, the MOTION passed. * *


Treasurer’s report for March-April 2014 was read by R. Messenger:

  (a) (i) (1) Net income of the General Fund this period: $4304.69.  (2) Net income of the General Fund year-to-date: $6070.16. (ii) (1) Special Fund income this period: $143.41, with $117.37 dividends. (2) Special Fund income year-to-date: $2626.78, with $604.57 dividends. (iii) (1) Special Fund expenses this period: $1463.85. (2) Special Fund expenses year-to-date: $11255.78. (iv) (1) Special Fund net income this period: $1320.44 net loss. (2) Special Fund net income year-to-date: $8629.00 net loss.

(v) (1) March 2014 Changes in Fund Balances this period: $2984.25. (2) March 2014 Changes in Fund Balances year-to-date: $2558.84 net loss. (vi) Total Assets as of 4/30/14: $67652.95. (vii) Reserve for Chess Horizons: $3100.00. (viii) Reserve for Tournament Expenses: $750.00. (ix) Unearned Tournament Revenue: $311.00.

(x) Long-Term Investment Market Value: $19466.96.

            (b) There was discussion about what to do about $$$ and leftover books owed to MACA by David Harris of RI.   The amount of $$$ owed may total about $600.

M. Turgeon may have to drive to RI in person to pick up the books.


Membership: (i) R. Messenger read the 5/3/14 Membership numbers as follows: Adults: 204 (-34); Junior 393 (-108); Life 210 (-1); Affiliate 5 (-2); Complimentary 1 (=);

D. Library 5 (-1); D. Subscriber 21 (-10); Exchange 16 (=); Library 2 (=); Prison 286 (=); Subscriber 15 (-1).  Total change in Membership and Subscribers: -157. (ii) It was pointed out that Memberships that expired on 4/15/14 accounted for most of the drops, because last year the Memberships had been renewed at the Hurvitz Cup.


Tournament: (a) R. Messenger reported: (i) (1) the MA G/60 Championship was held on 4/27/14 in Marlboro, and drew in 109 players, an increase from 90 last year. The tournament made a modest profit of $178.99 (but had lost money last year). (2) A complaint surfaced at one point about a parent who had assisted a player. (ii) The MA Open will be held on Memorial Day weekend, also in Marlboro; and the Greater Boston Open will be held in October. (b) N. Sterling reported that the NESA May G/30 d5 would be held on Saturday 5/10/14.


Scholastic:     (a) R. Messenger reported: (i) the Hurvitz Cup was held on 4/13/2014 and drew in 167 players (an increase from 159 last year) playing in 39 teams.  The profit of $1024.97 was smaller than last year’s because the tournament had additional prizes.

(ii) Four contracts are being worked on: the Fall Team Tournament and three of the four Spiegel Cup Qualifiers. (iii) The Scholastic Committee decided that the discounted rate for new players will now be a flat $15 for anyone playing in his/her first tournament.

                        (b) N. Sterling reported: (i) he will direct the inaugural open novice Unrated event in Brockton at the Fuller Craft Museum on 6/8/14 in the afternoon; (ii) he will direct the inaugural Concord-Carlisle June G/30 d5 on 6/15/14 at Harvey Wheeler Community Center, the site of the new Concord Carlisle Chess Club, which has been offering classes in eight-week sessions.


Education: N. Sterling reported that the main occupation of the Education Committee will be the completion of the MA Early Education Teacher Training Initiative (MEETTI) Guide.  The Expo will be postponed until fall and may be held in either Brockton or Concord-Carlisle if either of those two locations agrees to hold it.


Elections: After that day’s ballot stuffing, S. Dann reported that the ballot mailing was expected to be completed by midweek.   A procedure will be worked out about how to handle ties among the Director elections.


Publications: N. Smolensky reported that the Spring 2014 Double Issue of Chess Horizons was out, and that 7/15/14 would be the deadline for the next issue, also planned to be double.  We would like to publish MA Open games while still leaving sufficient lead time to advertise the NE Open.



Budget: (i) R. Messenger presented the FY ’15 Budget, spanning the period 5/1/14-4/30/15. The projected total of Income and Expenses is $15222.00.  Education has been given a share of $800, but is expected to exceed this with the publication of a booklet. There is currently a Miscellaneous share of $172 that may be increased also if needed (and probably it will be). (ii) There was discussion about whether $1000 really needed to be set aside for US Chess League, since that organization does not appear to be consistently active.  It was decided to leave it in for now. (iii) * * MOTION (514-1) made by R. Messenger and seconded by R. Kinne to approve the FY ’15 Budget.  The VOTE was taken; the MOTION passed unanimously. * *



Massachusetts Chess Association
Proposed FY15 Budget
Presented at the 5/4/14 MACA Board Meeting
  Memberships and subscriptions     $7,000.00
  Transfer from Life Membership Fund     $1,184.00
  Transfer from Prison Chess Fund     $2,288.00
  Chess Horizons sales       $100.00
  Scholastic tournaments (net)     $3,500.00
  Adult tournaments (net)       $500.00
  Sale of Education booklets     $500.00
  Donations (not including tournaments)     $100.00
  Other revenue (interest, labels etc.)     $50.00
  Total income       $15,222.00
  Chess Horizons (1 double, 2 single issues)   $8,350.00
  U.S. Chess League       $1,000.00
  Player travel       $1,500.00
  Promotion         $200.00
  Education         $800.00
  Election         $700.00
  Administrative expenses       $700.00
  PayPal service fees       $1,200.00
  Insurance         $600.00
  Miscellaneous expenses       $172.00
  Total expenses       $15,222.00


Old Business: none


New Business: * * MOTION (514-2) made by S. Dann and seconded by R. Messenger to approve an allocation of $150 toward the purchase of two new MACA banners priced $75 apiece.  The banners, which G. Mirijanian has wanted MACA to purchase for a few years, will be 6’ x 2’, according to S. Dann.  N. Sterling CALLED THE QUESTION.

* * The VOTE was taken; with 5 votes in favor versus 1 against, the MOTION passed. * *


President N. Smolensky adjourned the May Board Meeting at 7:13 PM.  The date, time, and place of the Annual Board Meeting are Monday 5/26/14 at 9:30 AM, at the MA Open at the Best Western in Marlboro.  It will be left to the newly elected Board to determine the time and place for the June Board Meeting.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,




                                                                        Nicholas Sterling, Clerk