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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, January 17, 2015
 Panera, Cambridge, Mass.


MACA Board Meeting Minutes
January 17th 2015
Panera, Cambridge
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger
President Nathan Smolensky called the meeting to order at 3:44 p.m. Present were Treasurer Bob Messenger and Directors Steve Frymer, Dmitry Barash, and Ed Chiu.
Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer’s report for the 2nd quarter, August to October 2014. There was a gain of $236.86 for the quarter, $3,234.61 for the fiscal year in the General Fund; a loss of $362.70 for the quarter, $285.93 for the fiscal year in special funds; total assets of $69,814.38; liabilities of $3,474.25; total fund balances of $66,389.63.
Mr. Messenger presented the membership secretary’s report. There were 228 adults (+22), 435 juniors (+27), 206 life (-2), 7 affiliates (+3), 11 complimentary (=), 8 libraries (=), 39 subscribers (+1), 16 exchange (=), 284 prison (-18); total of 869 members (+47), 365 non-members receiving Chess Horizons (-14), 1234 current in the database (+33).
Mr. Messenger presented the scholastic committee report. The 1st Qualifier had 123 players and net income of $1,207.83. The 2nd Qualifier had 98 players and net income of $792.25. The Fall Team Tournament had 48 players and lost $320.00. The 3rd Qualifier had 99 players and lost $722.85. The Gus Gosselin Grade Championship had 90 players and net income of $668.00. There was a discussion about the problems Mr. Messenger has had in sending promotional email about the tournaments. MailChimp was suggested as a possible solution. There was also a discussion about the MACA Expo which was to be held the following day in conjunction with a scholastic tournament at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. Some board members expressed concern that there wouldn’t be enough time for all the activities that were planned.
Mr. Smolensky presented the publications committee report. January 15th was the original submission date for the Winter 2015 issue of Chess Horizons but Mr. Smolensky said he was still accepting submissions until February 1st.
Mr. Messenger presented the tournament committee report. The Pillsbury Memorial had 63 players and net income of $101.49. Upcoming tournaments are the Mass. G/60 Championship, March 29th in Marlborough; the Massachusetts Open, Memorial Day weekend in Marlborough; and the New England Open, Labor Day weekend at a site to be determined. [Assistant Clerk’s note: it will most likely be in Boxborough.]
The board next discussed plans for electronic voting in the coming election. There will be a postcard mailing to explain the new voting procedures to voters. The bylaws need to be amended to require voters to register so that they can supply a unique email address. Voters can instead request a mailed ballot.
MOTION 0115-1: Nominations for the Elections Commission. Ed Chiu was nominated as the chairman and APPOINTED WITHOUT DISSENT. Tiffany Wang and George Mirijanian were nominated as the other two members of the commission and APPOINTED WITHOUT DISSENT.
The next board meeting was scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on February 15th at the New England Sports Academy in Westwood, subject to change depending on the availability of the site. [Assistant Clerk’s note: the meeting was canceled because of a snow storm and is being rescheduled, probably to February 21st.]
The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.