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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, February 21, 2015
 Panera, Cambridge, Mass.


MACA Board Meeting Minutes
February 21st 2015
Panera, Cambridge
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger
President Nathan Smolensky called the meeting to order at 5:44 p.m. Present were Vice President John Sadoff, Treasurer Bob Messenger and Directors Tiffany Wang and Dmitry Barash.
MOTION 0215-01: Move to amend the MACA bylaws as follows:
Add section 2.8, Voter Registration:
In order to vote in an annual election, voting members must register to vote in a manner specified by the Executive Board. Each voting member may elect to vote either electronically, if electronic voting is available, or by mail ballot.
Amend section 4.2, Election of Officers and Directors:
Change “Each voting member” to “Each registered voting member”.
Replace section 7.3, Mailing of Ballots, with the following:
7.3 Voter Registration Deadline. Only voting members of record as of the last day of February who have registered to vote by that date are eligible to vote in that year’s annual election. The deadlines for electronic and mailed ballots may be extended by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
Amend section 11.2, Ratification and Limitations of Revisions to Bylaws, subsection b:
Change “mailed ballots” to “mailed or electronic ballot”.
(Bylaws Committee, as amended). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 0215-02: Move to extend the voter registration deadline to April 15th for online ballots and March 31st for mailed ballots. (Messenger/Smolensky). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 0215-03: Move to set a deadline of March 15th for candidate statements, with a limit of 200 words for officer candidates and 100 words for director candidate statements. (Smolensky/Messenger). PASSED 5-0.
Mr. Messenger handed out copies of the treasurer’s report for the 3rd quarter, November 2014 to January 2015. There was a gain of $3,897.99 for the quarter, $7,143.60 for the fiscal year in the General Fund; a loss of $967.04 for the quarter, $1,252.97 for the fiscal year in special funds; total assets of $72,125.58; liabilities of $2,805.00; total fund balances of $69,320.58. The Winter Team Challenge, held January 25th 2015, had 110 players and net income of $274.98.
Mr. Messenger handed out copies of the membership secretary’s report. There were 217 adults (-11), 438 juniors (+3), 206 life (=), 7 affiliates (=), 11 complimentary (=), 7 libraries (-1), 38 subscribers (-1), 16 exchange (=), 284 prison (=); total of 861 members (-8), 363 non-members receiving Chess Horizons (-2), 1224 current in the database (-10).
The president will choose the time and place of the next board meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.