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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA board meeting. November 6, 2016
 Panera, Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge, Mass.


MACA Board Meeting Minutes
November 6th 2016
Panera, Cambridge
Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger
President Nathan Smolensky called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Present were Vice President John Sadoff, Treasurer Bob Messenger and Directors Edward Chiu and Dmitry Barash.
The board approved the minutes of the July meeting by a 5-0 vote.
Mr. Messenger had emailed the treasurer’s report for the 1st and 2nd quarters, May to October 2016, to the board. There was a gain of $979.94 in the General Fund; a loss of $10.06 in special funds; total assets of $83,246.40; liabilities of $239.00; total fund balances of $83,007.40.
Mr. Messenger presented a report showing how actual revenue and expenses compared to budgeted amounts. For the 6 month period May to October, revenue totaled $6,852.08 and expenses totaled $5,872.41, compared to $14,500.00 budgeted for both revenue and expenses for the 12 month fiscal year May 2016 to April 2017.
Mr. Messenger had emailed the membership secretary’s report to the board. There were 208 adults (-3), 413 juniors (-8), 204 life (=), 10 affiliates (+1), 1 complimentary (=), 5 libraries (=), 22 subscribers (+2), 13 exchange (-2), 384 prison (+13); total of 825 members (-11), 435 non-members receiving Chess Horizons (+10), 1260 current in the database (-1).
Mr. Messenger presented the tournament committee report. The Massachusetts Senior Open had 27 players and a loss of $798.70. The Greater Boston had 114 players and net income of $686.56. The Pillsbury Memorial will be held on December 4th. The Massachusetts G/60 Championship has not yet been scheduled.
Steve Frymer had emailed the scholastic committee report to the board, and Mr. Messenger presented financial reports for scholastic tournaments. The 1st Qualifier had 106 players and net income of $591.33. The Massachusetts Junior Open had 64 players and a loss of $148.85. This tournament was a replacement for the Fall Team Tournament, which in 2015 had 44 players and a loss of over $500.
Mr. Smolensky presented the publications committee report. He expects to publish the next issue of Chess Horizons as a double issue in early 2017.
MOTION 1116-1: Move to allocate $500 from the Education budget for inner city education programming. Chess teachers in this program may be paid up to $50 per lesson. (Smolensky / Messenger). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 1116-2: Nominations for the Elections Commission: Jeff Caruso (chair), Tiffany Wang, Paul Arond, pending their acceptance. Move to close nominations (Smokensky/Messenger). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 1116-3: Nominations for US Chess Delegates: Ken Ballou, Robert Messenger. Move to close nominations (Smolensky / Messenger). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 1116-4: Move to request a report on the 2017 US Chess Delegates Meeting from the Massachusetts delegates (Chiu / Smolensky). PASSED 5-0.
MOTION 1116-5: Nominations for US Chess Alternate Delegates: Nathan Smolensky, John Sadoff. Move to close nominations (Messenger / Chiu). PASSED 4-0.
MOTION 1116-6: Move to approve up to $500 in travel reimbursement for Grandmaster Alexander Ivanov to play in the World Senior Championship in the Czech Republic (Messenger / Smolensky). PASSED 4-0.
President Smolensky stated his intention of calling a board meeting in early 2017.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:46 p.m.