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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, January 30, 2019
 Cambridge, MA

 Massachusetts Chess Association 

Board of Director Meeting Minutes 

Monday, January 30, 2019, 7:00pm 

McDonalds, Cambridge, MA 

ATTENDEES: Nathan Smolensky (President), Bob Messenger (Treasurer), Andrew Hoy (Clerk), Dmitry Barash, and Jeff Caruso. 

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, March 6, 2019 at Boylston Chess Club, Cambridge, MA 

1. Meeting Minutes 

MOTION: Approval of minutes from the September 6, 2018 board meeting (NS/JC). 

VOTE: Passed, 5-0 

2. Committee Reports 


Specific financial data was distributed to the board and discussed. Numbers were effective through the end of October 2018 (the last complete fiscal quarter for MACA). Site rentals are generally higher than last year, however increased entry fees and better attendance has resulted in a healthy offset to the increased costs. The total projection for the complete year shows a $1,400 surplus. The board also discussed reporting appreciation of long term assets as income in each reporting year to follow GAAP. 

Total membership has dropped slightly since September, especially in memberships receiving mailed copies of Chess Horizons. However, total membership count is up approximately 3% compared to February 2018. 


Nathan has decided to step down as chair of the scholastic committee due to other commitments. Dmitry Barash and Steve Frymer were nominated as co-chairs for the remainder of the operating year. 

MOTION: Appoint Dmitry Barash and Steve Frymer as co-chairs of the scholastic committee (AH/RM). 

VOTE: Passed, 5-0 

The Spiegel Cup finals will be held March 10th at the Boylston Chess Club. The finals will have 40 players, since all sections will be by invitation only. The BCC is a cheaper alternative than hotels as in years past. Bob will order trophies similar to last year and Jeff will pick the trophies up in Northborough and bring them to the March board meeting. 

The Girls Championship was also discussed (furthering discussion started via email). The consensus was to host a round robin tournament with five invitees by rating and one qualifier from the MA 

Girls Challenge. The Girls Challenge will tentatively be held at the Boylston Chess Club on one of the last two Sundays in March, depending on when the Hurvitz Cup is scheduled, and the Girls Championship will tentatively be held on April 27th and 28th

MOTION (continued from Sept meeting): Authorize the scholastic committee to organize the 2019 MA Girls Championship at a cost not to exceed $500. If feasible, the tournament may be held as a six player round robin over two days. 

VOTE: Passed, 5-0 


A motion was distributed to the board via email by Jeff Caruso on January 1st

MOTION: The 2018-2019 Elections Commission shall consist of Jeffrey Caruso, Paul Around, and Steve Frymer. Its chairperson shall be Jeffrey Caruso. 

VOTE: Passed, 12-0 in voting on January 1st and 2nd

The elections commission has sent out a call for nominations. As of the meeting, 6 candidates have been nominated. 

A call for voter registration will be sent in the next week. Bob and Dmitry will work to update the mailchimp mailing list with email addresses of current members. 

3. Next Meeting 

Next meeting will be Tuesday, March 6, 2019 at 7pm at the Boylston Chess Club. 


VOTE: 5-0