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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, June 6, 2019
 Panera Bread, Porter Square, Cambridge

MACA Board Meeting Minutes

June 6th2019

Panera, Porter Square, Cambridge

Minutes prepared by Bob Messenger

President Oleg Poliannikov called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m.  Present were Vice President Steve Winer, Treasurer Bob Messenger and Directors Jeff Caruso, Dmitry Barash, and Robb Stewart.


MOTION 0619-1:Move to thank the Election Commission and authorize the destruction of ballots after August 31st(Messenger/Winer). PASSED5-0-1.


The following positions were filled by unanimous vote:


Bylaws Committee Chair: Jeff Caruso

Budget Committee Chair: Bob Messenger

Club Committee Chair: Jeff Caruso

Education Committee Chair: Nathan Smolensky

Election Commission: Jeff Caruso (chair), Steve Frymer, Robb Stewart

Fund Raising Committee Chair: Oleg Poliannikov

Investment Committee Chair: Jeff Caruso

LMCF Coordinator: Steve Frymer

Membership Secretary: Bob Messenger

Parliamentarian: Jeff Caruso

Player Development Committee Chair: Steve Winer

Prison Chess Coordinator: Steve Frymer

Scholastic Committee Chair: Steve Frymer

Tournament Committee Chair: Bob Messenger

Web Coordinator: Oleg Poliannikov

Assistant Clerk: Bob Messenger

Publications Committee Chair: Nathan Smolensky


The board had an informal discussion of two proposals that have been made for changes to rules for qualifying for the Spiegel Cup: eliminating the Spiegel Cup Series for the Age 14 & Under section and inviting all players above a certain rating to play in the Spiegel Cup finals. The Spiegel Cup Series helps promote scholastic tournaments held by other organizers by providing an alternative way of qualifying for the finals, but it means inviting relatively low rated players in preference to much higher rated players. It was suggested that the qualification rules could be changed to give more weight to Qualifiers organized by MACA than to non-MACA Spiegel Cup Series tournaments. Mr. Winer proposed increasing the number of players in the Spiegel Cup finals by inviting all players above a certain rating. That would partially alleviate the problem caused by giving a place in the finals to a lower rated player. Another proposal which was discussed was to make the Spiegel Cup final a two day tournament for High School and Age 14 & Under. The proposed changes will be voted on by the Scholastic Committee.


Mr. Messenger presented a Massachusetts Open tournament report showing net income of $5,097.56 thanks to a $6,050 donation from Walt Championship, with 323 players competing compared to 261 in 2018. One reason for the increase was the email and Facebook publicity provided by Mr. Poliannikov.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.