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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, August 2, 2009
 Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA

The meeting was called to order at 3:06 PM. In attendance: Maryanne Reilly, F. Alexander Relyea, Steven Frymer, Brian Lafferty, Beebe Wiegand, Robert Messenger, Kenneth Ballou, and guest Nita Patel.

MOTION (809-1) Reilly/Ballou, approve the minutes of the June, 2009, meeting. PASSED without dissent (abstaining: Frymer, Lafferty).

Mr. Messenger presented the treasurer's report. The month of June reflects a net loss of $661.95.

Mr. Stephen Dann arrived at 3:15 PM.

Mr. Messenger presented the membership report.

MOTION (809-2) Messenger/Ballou, Mr. William Michael is a senior life member. PASSED without dissent.

Mr. Ballou presented the tournament committee report. The Greater Boston Open will be held at the Kennedy Senior Center; the structure of the tournament will be the same as last year's. A Tournament Life Announcment (TLA) will appear in both the September and October issues of Chess Life.

Mr. Dann presented the education report. Mr. Dann will attend the U.S. Open. The education committee's priority is to establish a MACA educational web page. Progress is slow owing to the economy being slow and a lack of volunteers.

President Reilly presented the scholastic committee report. The committee met before the board meeting and decided rules changes for team tournaments (assigning ratings to unrated players for the purpose of computing average team rating for pairing purposes, rules governing switching board order of team members).

MOTION (809-3) Wiegand/Reilly, The advance entry fees for the Holiday Team Challenge and Hurvitz Cup tournaments is at least $60 per team instead of $50. PASSED without dissent (abstaining: Frymer).

Mr. Lafferty presented the LMCF report. There was no activity since the previous meeting to report. Mr. Lafferty will look into replenishing inventory.

Mr. Frymer presented the prison chess report. Chris Chase, Steve Frymer, and Homer Franck are planning to visit MCI Norfolk. It was also noted that Albert French is running the chess club at the Northern Correctional Facility (NCF) in Berlin, NH.

Mr. Frymer presented the budget report. Fiscal year 2009 ended balanced.

There was a discussion of publications activity. Mr. Ballou offers to be "back up" for Mr. Mottershead for getting Chess Horizons from the printer to the mailer.

MOTION (809-4) Ballou/Messenger, create volunteer committee with Mr. Dann as chair. PASSED without dissent (abstaining: Dann, Frymer).

Old business:

There was a discussion about sending MACA membership renewal postcards, with Ms. Wiegand possibly to help.

MOTION (809-5) Ballou/Relyea, Mr. Warner Smith is appointed to the MACA board. PASSED without dissent (abstaining: Frymer).

The date and site for the next meeting is tentatively set as Sunday, September 27, 3 PM, at Papa Gino's, 291 Worcester Road, Natick, MA.

MOTION (809-6) Ballou/Messenger, adjourn. PASSED without dissent W/D (abstaining: Frymer).

The meeting adjourned at 4:14 PM.

Kenneth Ballou, acting Clerk


Membership report as of July 30, 2009

208 adult members 
45 family members 
357 junior members 
217 life members 
1 affiliate member 
6 complementary copies of Chess Horizons 
17 exchanges with other organizations 
5 libraries 
230 prison 
53 subscribers 
1139 total 
1094 receiving copies of Chess Horizons 
827 corporate members 
782 voting members

Robert D. Messenger 

Membership Secretary