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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, September 19, 2019
 Panera, Cambridge, MA

Massachusetts Chess Association

Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 19, 2019, 7:00pm

Panera, Cambridge, MA

ATTENDEES:  Oleg Poliannikov (President), Bob Messenger (Treasurer), Andrew Hoy (Clerk),
Jeff Caruso, and Steve Frymer.

NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Not scheduled

1.     Meeting Minutes

MOTION:  Approval of minutes from the July 11, 2019 board meeting (AH/JC).

VOTE:  Passed, 5-0

2.     Committee Reports

Finance / Membership

A donation has been secured for the 2020 MA Open prizes in the Open section.  Total membership is up 22 members since this time last year.


Ballots from the 2019 election have been destroyed.

Tournaments / Scholastic

The Girls Championship is tentatively scheduled April or May of 2020.  The format has not been finalized, although the 6RR worked well last year.  The weekend of May 2/3 was discussed (no conflicts at the moment).  The consensus was that there should be at least one qualifier, possibly via a separate Girls Challenge tournament in October.  Alternative formats such as a 10 player swiss were discussed, which would allow for a new tournament in February or March with 3 qualification spots, and the remaining 7 slots would be by rating. 

The Spiegel finals are finalized.  The format will be a 10 player 4SS.  The 10 players will include 6 rating qualifiers and 4 qualifiers from the qualification tournaments.  In the high school section 3 qualifiers will be selected from the GGGC, and the remaining 7 will be via rating. 

The Board agreed that there should not be a minimum rating for the winners from the four Qualifier tournaments.  The top sections will be a two-day tournament, but the 8&U section will remain a one-day event. 

Finally, the tiebreaks (if needed) will be a blitz playoff.  The full blitz playoff regulations will be posted online.

Tournaments to be scheduled/planned: MA G/60, MA Open, Girls Qualifier


3.     2020 Massachusetts Open

Several locations and the overall cost of the MA Open were discussed.  A donation to offset the prizes in the Open section has been pledged.  The Westford site has worked well for tournaments, with the exception that the ballroom can create noise.  It is probably prohibitively expensive to rent the ballroom for noise abatement. 

4.     New England Open

SENECA has organized the New England Open the past two years.  The overall profit was about $1000 this year, and between $1500-$2000 last year.  The Maine Chess Association wants to formalize a bid for the event for 2020 (deadline is November 1, 2019).  However, the cost structure with the hotel might not be palatable.  If Maine cannot craft a bid, MACA will prepare and submit a bid (delegated to the Tournament Committee). 

5.     Dmitry Barash Resignation

Dmitry Barash resigned from the MACA Board of Directors effective September 2.  The Board thanks him for his service.  Since there is now a vacancy on the Board, the current members may invite people to attend future meetings and possibly join the Board. 

6.     Delegates for the US Open

MA receives 3 delegates for the USCF annual meeting this year.  The number of delegates is based on total membership in the state.

MOTION:  Appoint Ken Ballou and Robert Messenger as MA delegates (OP/JC).

VOTE:  Passed, 4-0 (1 abstention)

7.     New Business

The treasurer work is extensive.  Bob is interested in finding volunteers to help with the work as well as planning.  If there are more people involved, financial controls might be used (i.e. different person keeping the books while Bob continues to write checks). 

Oleg is updating the website in bits and pieces.  If there are any errors or omissions the Board is encouraged to let him know.

There is enough printed material on hand to sustain the prison chess mailing endeavor for a while. 

The final print edition of Chess Horizons is scheduled for December 2019 with a goal of sending it during this calendar year. 

Several local clubs have had low attendance.  For example, Plainville sent an appeal email asking for any casual players to consider attending on Wednesday nights. 

8.     Next Meeting

The next meeting is not currently scheduled.


VOTE:  5-0