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MACA Board Minutes
 MACA Board Meeting, June 9, 2021

Massachusetts Chess Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 7:30pm

Virtual Meeting


ATTENDEES: Andrew Hoy (President), Steve Winer (Vice President) Bob Messenger (Treasurer), Jeff Caruso (Clerk), Directors Paul Arond, Oleg Poliannikov, and Latanya Sweeney, and MACA member Dmitry Barash (not voting).  Director Yi Wang joined later.

1. Meeting Minutes. 

MOTION: to approve meeting minutes from the May 31, 2021 annual meeting.  Passed 7-0.

MOTION: to approve meeting minutes from the June 9, 2020 board meeting. (NOTE: this is the board meeting from one year ago)  Passed 7-0.

MOTION: to approve meeting minutes from the July 14, 2020 board meeting.  Passed 7-0.

MOTION: to approve meeting minutes from the February 28, 2020 board meeting.  Passed 7-0.

2. Financial review and budget. 

Mr. Hoy presented a proposed budget. (see below)

MOTION: to adopt the proposed budget.  Passed 7-0.

3. Committees and coordinators. 

The board selected committee chairs and coordinators, as follows:

Bylaws Committee:                         Jeff Caruso

Budget Committee:                         Andrew Hoy

Club Committee:                             Jeff Caruso

Education Committee:                     Latanya Sweeney

Elections Committee:                      Jeff Caruso (chair), Paul Arond, Steve Frymer

Fundraising Committee:                  Oleg Poliannikov

Investment Committee:                   Jeff Caruso

LMCF Coordinator:                          Steve Frymer

Membership Secretary:                   Bob Messenger

Parliamentarian:                             Jeff Caruso

Publication Committee:                   Steve Winer

Player Development Committee:     Andrew Hoy

Prison Chess Coordinator:                Steve Frymer

Scholastic Committee:                     Oleg Poliannikov (chair), Steve Frymer (vice chair)

Tournament Committee:                 Bob Messenger

Web Coordinator:                           Oleg Poliannikov


MOTION: to appoint the nominees to their respective positions. Passed 7-0.

4. Spiegel Cup qualifier review and finals planning. 

Mr. Hoy reported on plans for the Spiegel Cup Final, which will take place at the Boylston Chess Club on June 19-20.


Mr. Wang joined the meeting.  Mr. Winer excused himself temporarily.


5. Girls championship and Senior championship.

The board discussed whether to hold these and when. The USCF expects the Massachusetts representatives to the national tournaments to be chosen by June 20. We have consulted with them, and they are satisfied as long as there is a plan to name the representatives in a timely manner.

MOTION: to hold both tournaments on July 10-11 at BCC.  Passed 7-0.

6. NE open and MA open.  

MOTION: to hold the New England Open on Labor Day weekend, and the Massachusetts Open on Columbus Day weekend, both as in-person tournaments.

Passed 7-0.


Mr. Winer rejoined the meeting. Mr. Barash departed.


7. Executive session

The Board met in executive session.

8. Date of the next meeting

MOTION: that the board will meet again on July 7, 2021. Passed 8-0.


ADJOURNED at 10:33pm.


Minutes written by Jeffrey Caruso, MACA Clerk