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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Letter from the Editor
 Nathan Smolensky
  August 2014
Dear Readers,
Well, here we are. After a hectic few months, another double issue has caught us up to where we need to be in terms of content produced. I have been fortunate to get contributions from all around the chess community, which have made this production possible. 
So, now what? With Chess Horizons back, the focus shifts to how we can make it better. My first issue was not perfect (see inset) and it’s important for me to look closely at my mistakes and learn from them. 
And that’s something that I can’t do without your help. Feedback is more than welcome, it is necessary, and I want to hear your thoughts on this magazine at every level. More than just what content should go into Chess Horizons, I want to know how you want it to be presented. Formatting and minutiae matter to me – I believe in professionalism, and I want to deliver a consistent and reliable product. You may notice some variations in formatting with this issue and the previous one – for the most part, this is intentional. See what you prefer, and let me know. 
As I mentioned, there’s a great deal of content lined up for this issue. We welcome back long-time contributor and International Master David Vigorito, and for the second issue running, local GM Larry Christiansen has also pitched in to the effort. There’s plenty to discuss – including fifteen pages of coverage of the Mass Open and the triumph of young Mika Brattain. So please, read, enjoy, and tell me what you think. I wrote it for you, after all. 
- Nathan Smolensky, Chess Horizons Editor