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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 The 2014 Hurvitz Cup In (Many) Pictures
 Nathan Smolensky
  August 2014

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2014 Hurvitz Cup Photos

The 2014 Hurvitz Cup was held on April 13th in Boxborough. As is the case year in and year out, it was the largest scholastic event of the year, drawing 166 youngsters from all across the state. The winners:

1st: Lexington High School 3.5/4
=2nd: B.U. Academy 3.0
=2nd: Nobles (Dedham) 3.0
1st: Curtis (Sudbury) 3.5
2nd: R.J. Grey (Acton) 3.0
3rd: Boston Latin School 2.5
=1st: Hastings (Lexington) 3.5
=1st: Park (Brookline) 3.5
3rd: Cabot (Newton) 3.0
1st: Cabot (Newton) 4.0
=2nd: Gates (Acton) 3.0
=2nd: Driscoll (Brookline) 3.0
So why is the Hurvitz so popular? As with the U.S. Amateur Team tournaments, regularly among the largest chess events in the country, the team format plays a tremendous role, offering many players who would otherwise have little opportunity to compete for championships the ability to do exactly that alongside good friends.
There is a certain warmth to team play, a social and emotional element which cannot be found in most tournaments. That this is a welcoming environment is clear to see through the numbers of new and unrated players who come each year, and though the joyful faces of the participants, particularly those sharing a trophy with their comrades at the end of the day. ?
Photos courtesy Tiffany Wang