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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 NM Carissa Yip
  June 2015
It was Friday night at April 17, 2015. My mom took me to Andover Chess Club that is a new chess club in Andover formed this year by Michael Henroid. 
It was a special night for me and chess kids in Andover. A group of around 50 people gathered in Faith Lutheran Church at 360 S. Main Street. They were waiting to see me present my game against a girl at the World Youth Chess Championships, a fun and illustrative game that I thought would be good to highlight. I would follow it up with a simul.
We walked into a small room with bright lighting, chairs near the front of the room facing a large presentation board, and tables put together so they would form a U. My mom stood near the back and chatted with the other parents while I walked up to the front of the room to the large presentation chess board. The kids were sitting in chairs near the board. I presented my game against Lydia Czarnecka. While I presented my game, my dad arrived and sat in the audience.

Finally it was time for the simul. The kids sat down in chairs in front of chess boards that were placed on the table. A few parents also tried their luck against me. There were 31 boards. I played White with alternating 1. e4, and 1. d4. The simul took more than two and a half hours to complete. I won 30 games and drew one.
I was a little bit nervous about the presentation, but overall it was a fun night for me and the kids.