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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 My Road to Master Part II: One Step at a Time
 NM Robert J. King
  December 2017

A few years ago, when I was rated 2000, I thought that I was “underrated” and that I was master strength and just hadn’t achieved the rating yet. Looking back, I realize how bad I really was and that I was not this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This delusion of grandeur is not unique to me. Whether it is the player like myself or a parent who think’s their child is the next Magnus Carlsen, many players are playing up a section or two because thinking that it’s where they belong. They think that playing (and getting crushed by) way strong players will accelerate their inevitable coronation as an expert or master. They might even hope to win rating points by nicking a stronger player for a draw or a win.