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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 Club News - Wachusett Chess Club
 George Mirijanian
  October 2010

Tony Cesolini, a Class A player from Jaffrey, NH, scored 5.5-0.5 to win the Wachusett CC Championship, held May 5-June 16, 2010 at the McKay Campus School at Fitchburg State College. Finishing as runner-up with a 4-1 tally, including one unplayed game, was 15-time club champion George Mirijanian of Fitchburg, who nicked Cesolini for his only draw. Tying for third place with 2.5 points apiece were two-time club champion Bruce Felton of Fitchburg and Glenn Rochon of Leominster. Martin Laine of Lunenburg and Dave Couture of Westminster tied for 1st-2nd place in the club's "B" Championship, tallying 5.5-1.5. Tying for 3rd-4th place with 5-2 scores were Leonard Arsenault and Kenneth Gurge, both of Leominster. Deadlocked in 5th place with 4-3 results were Michael Manisy of Otter River, Paul Lynch, Seetharaman Ganesan of South Grafton, Brian Biglow of Leominster and Max Sewell of Peterborough, NH. A total of 30 players competed in the championship event, 22 of whom vied for top honors in the "B" division.

The Wachusett CC Quick Chess Championship, held June 23, 2010, ended in victory for club champion Tony Cesolini. In a field of 21 players, the Granite State player tallied a perfect 4-0. Michael Manisy finished second with a score of 3.5-1.5. Tying for third place with 3-1 results were Robert King of Worcester and Thayer Aletheia-Zomlefer of Phoenix, AZ.

Robert King was the winner of the Harlow B. Daly Memorial tournament, held July 7-August 2010. In a field of 25 contenders, the Worcester player scored 4.5-0.5. Leonard Arsenault was second with a 4-1 tally. Tying for 3rd-4th place with 3.5-1.5 scores were Tony Cesolini and Martin Laine. Deadlocked in fifth place with 3-2 performances were George Mirijanian, Bruce Felton, Kenneth Gurge and Paul Lynch.

George Mirijanian and Michael Manisy tallied 4-1 to tie for 1st-2nd place in the Michael Glinski Jr. Memorial tournament, held August 11-September 8, 2010. Tying for 3rd-4th place with 3.5-1.5 scores were Dave Couture and Seetharaman Ganesan. Sharing fifth place with 3-2 results were John Moran of Worcester, Tony Cesolini, Martin Laine, Mark Marshall of Worcester, and Mark Daley of New Ipswich, NH. A total of 30 players competed. The tournament honored the memory of Michael Glinski Jr. of Hudson, NH, formerly of Fitchburg, who served as Chess Horizons editor in 1990. He died April 10, 2010 in Nashua, NH at the age of 51.