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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 From the Acting Editor
 Bob Messenger
  March 2011

First, I have to apologize for the lateness of this issue.  Frankly, spend the time that I'd like on Chess Horizons, and I've also found it hard to find people willing to write articles for the magazine.  The good news is that this is my last issue as acting editor.  MACA President George Mirijanian has agreed to become the editor of Chess Horizons starting with the April-June issue.  George was Chess Horizons editor in the 1970s and over the years has been a major contributor to the magazine.  

Congratulations to the New England Nor'easters for finishing first in their first season in the U.S. Chess League!  Also, congratulations to Max Wiegand for winning the Elementary Varsity section of the 45th Greater New York Scholastic Championship, and congratulations to the winners of Massachusetts' own Barry S. Spiegel Cup scholastic championship: Andrew Wang, Grant Xu, Alex Fauman and Jason Tang. 
Besides voting in this year's MACA election, please consider registering as a voter on for the coming U.S. Chess Federation election.  The registration deadline is March 31st. To check your status as a registered voter, go to:  To register as a voting member, go to:
MACA notes the passing of several former members: Moiz Mutlu and Peter Zito in December and Ed Wyckoff in January, as well as Grandmaster and 5-time U.S. Champion Larry Evans, who died in November.  Among his many other accomplishments, Evans was the editor of the American Chess Quarterly, published in Cambridge, Mass., from 1961 to 1965.