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MACA Chess Horizons Magazine Article
 MACA Update
 Bob Messenger
  March 2011

Two more members of the MACA Executive Board have resigned, bringing the total number of resignations since June up to to six.  President Ken Ballou resigned in December.  Besides being MACA's president Ken was also the chair of the Tournament Committee, and he had taken over as chair of the Scholastic Committee in September following the resignation of Vice President Maryanne Reilly.  In January Director Alex Relyea resigned for health reasons.  Alex was a member of the Tournament Committee and chair of the Elections Commission, and, along with Ken, had been the chief director at many MACA tournaments.   Both of them will be greatly missed. 

At the January meeting of the MACA Executive Board George Mirijanian was appointed as MACA's new president, to serve the remainder of the term until the annual meeting at the end of May. Steve Frymer was appointed Vice President, Bob Messenger was appointed chair of the Tournament Committee, and Brian Mottershead was appointed chair of the Scholastic Committee.