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Steve Stepak
Revised: 02/14/2013


Train your brain to think clearly. Play and study chess. Write down your move for every game you play! Create your ideas and review your actions: criticize your moves, objectively. Improvement in chess is made one move at a time, one critical thought at a time. Study and play: recognize patterns of pieces working together and sequencing moves: as in life, so to in chess: timing is everything. These skills serve you will to pursue interests in mathematics, science and business. Chess is not just a game, not just even a sport. It is a creative process which enlivens creativity, stimulates brain cell connections and builds the scaffolding to develop and reflect on new perspectives in your world. In a pinch: chess makes you smart.

Chess is Gym for the Mind, enjoy your life. Build your mind, one thought at a time! Chess provides an enjoyable format to exercise and enhance brain cells. Indeed, chess empowers your mind to wisdom. Push yourself to think about life, actively. Make your brain work. The more you think, the stronger your brain becomes as a cognitive engine.

Recognize connections, relations, associations, in all aspects of your life. Learn the essence of chess: logic, motivation to learn, coordination of thoughts, pattern recognition, timing, visualization and synthesis of all elements of human behavior, both mental and physical.

Chess serves to enhance cognitive development, enables you to acquire new learning skills easily, improve problem solving capabilities and increase your joy of learning.

I have recently developed and tested a new method of training the mind to generate new ideas, both on and off the chess board.

It is well known that for senior citizens, like myself, you have to keep thinking; engaging your mind and heart in all kinds of puzzle solving activities to keep your brain sharp: mental acuity! The quaint expression: if you don't use it you lose it also applies to your brain and its ability to think as we get on in years. So seniors, take heart, be courageous and sign up for chess lessons with me. Let us walk together through chess thought and history. And with this newly acquired awakening of the mind, find a child and mentor her or him to study chess and share thoughts, ideas and personal history; indeed, transmit the oral history of our times to the next generation. Play and study chess and impart hope and connection to the next generation. 

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