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MACA 2017 Spiegel Cup State Scholastic Championships
Spiegel Cup / State Singles Championship Invitation - Invitee List

Note: This is NOT the official invitation list for the Championship. The invitations will be issued to the winners of the four qualifiers and then to the top *five players in each section on the basis of the official March 2017 USCF Rating Supplement. The final spot will go to the Spiegel Cup Series (SCS) Winner.

2016 Result: Click Here

For tournament related questions please contact MACA Scholastic Chair Steve Frymer. If you have problem registering, please e-mail MACA Webmaster Tiffany Wang.

Data compiled by Dmitry Barash
Age 8 & Under Age 11 & Under Age 14 & Under

As of February 6, 2017


Jonathan Traub 1054 Q1 winner
Victor Feng 1634 Q2 winner
Eric Li 1128 Q3 winner

Alexander Fang Meng 1572
Lawrence Tu 1560
Justin Li 1522
Eric Feng 1520
Henry He 1494

Kelsey Liu 1345
Evan Wei 1242















As of February 6, 2017 [partial 17 February 2017]
David Xie 1833 Q1 winner
Ryan Wang 1610 Q2 winner
David Katsman 1752 Q3 winner

Dustin Liang 2066
Jerry Li* 2063
Derek Jin 1958
Derek Zhao 1931
Bernie Xu 1924
David Zhou 1913.............................1st alternate [subject to whether anyone moves up to 14U]
Eddie Yi Ming Wei 1880
Lewis Tu 1786
Nicholas Belous 1745
John Archibald 1710
Thomas Ha 1697
Rafael Pashkov 1657
Tianna Wang 1649
Joy Cao 1647
Skyler Zhou 1646
 *...also on 14U invite list



As of february 6, 2017 [partial for 17 February 2017]



Danila Poliannikov 2087 Q1 winner
Alex Yu 2012 Q2 winner
Vineeth Nareddy 1632 Q3 winner

Carissa Yip 2348
Brandon Wu 2159
Jason Tang 2108
Suraj Ramanathan 2077
Alan Song 2067
Jerry Li* 2063
Eric Feng 2040
Michael Mi 2020
Maxwell Chen 1979
Maxwell Zhao 1911




*...also on 11U list




    High School Section:

    The Massachusetts High School championship will be open to all players in grades 9-12, and will not be an invitational.