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MACA Chess News
11/10/2018Prize winners at the 2nd Spiegel Cup Qualifier

Prize winners at the 2nd Spiegel Cup Qualifier, held November 10th in Burlington, Mass.

Age 14 & Under Section

1st-3rd Mark Chudnovsky (playoff winner), Vineeth Nareddy, Aaron Lu 3-1

Age 11 & Under Section

1st Eric Feng 4-0
2nd-3rd Victor Feng, Henry He 3-1

Age 8 & Under Section

1st-2nd Ryan Sun (playoff winner), Joshua Lee 3.5-0.5
3rd Dhairya Mehta 3-1

Booster Under 1200 Section

1st Jeffrey Yin 4-0
2nd Arnesh Yeola 3-1
3rd Amit Piryatinsky 2.5-1.5

Booster Under 800 Section

1st Ariel Zhou 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Amy Nguyen, Peter Kouznetsov 3-1

Booster Under 400 Section

1st Nathan Small 4-0
2nd-3rd Sriman Devineni, Siddharth Lagu 3-1

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order except as noted.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nathan Smolensky, Nicholas Sterling, Dmitry Barash, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

11/9/2018Adv. Entries for Q2

Adv. Entries for Q2 as of 11/09/18 09:41AM: 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

10/28/201885th Greater Boston Open prize winners

Prize winners at the 85th Greater Boston Open, held October 28, 2018 in Marlboro, Mass.

Open Section

1st FM Nathan Solon 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd Ryan Sowa 2.5-1.5
Equal 2nd/Top Under 2300 Farzad Abdi, Nithin Kavi, Brandon Wu, CM Jerry Li, Danila Poliannikov, Paris Prestia,
         CM Sebastian Prestia 2.5-1.5

Under 2100 Section

1st Michael Carey 4-0
2nd Harrison He 3.5-0.5

Under 1900 Section

1st Thomas Guo 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd James Todhunter, Mark Kaprielian, Adithya Sharma, Henry He 3-1

Under 1700 Section

1st Alan Axelrod 4-0
Equal 2nd Michael David, Douglas Southall, Eric Chang 3-1

Under 1500 Section

1st Andrew Perry 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd Lisa DeBenedictis, Eli Traub 3-1

Under 1200 Section

1st-2nd Nikolay Avdokhin, Bryan Henroid 3.5-0.5
3rd William Clark (unrated) 3-1
Top Under 1000 Giovanni DeBenedictis 3-1
Top Under 800 Vihaan Kale 2-2
Top Unrated Nate Bartkovich 2-2

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

10/26/2018Advance Entries for GBO

Advance Entries for 85th GBO: 

  • as of 10/25/18 04:50 PM
  • as of 10/26/18 02:46 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

09/30/2018Prize winners at the First Spiegel Cup Qualifier

Prize winners at the First Spiegel Cup Qualifier, held September 30th in Burlington, Mass.

Age 14 & Under Section

1st Joy Cao 4-0
2nd Mark Chudnovsky 3.5-0.5
3rd-4th Venkatraman Varatharajan, David Katsman 3-1

Age 11 & Under Section

1st Ryan Wang 4-0
2nd-7th Eric Feng, Thomas Ha, Victor Feng, Henry He, Ansh Yadawad, Brandon Ni 3-1

Age 8 & Under Section

1st-2nd Dattasai Kilari (playoff winner), Jacob Wu 4-0
3rd-7th Sujay Kunamneni, Joshua Lee, Steven Feng, Daniel Tatar, Ryan Sun 3-1

Booster Under 1200 Section

1st Alexander Tran 3.5-0.5
2nd Bryan Henroid 3-1
3rd Raeann Zhou 2.5-0.5

Booster Under 800 Section

1st Mahad Sohail 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Ramaiza Sohail, Atharv Byrava 3-1

Booster Under 400 Section

1st Yan Barash 4-0
2nd-5th Sriman Devineni, Kaiya Smits, Jacob Rubin, Jincheng Liu 3-1

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order except as noted.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nathan Smolensky, Nicholas Sterling, Dmitry Barash, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

09/29/2018Q1 Adv. Entry Updated

Adv entry for Q1: updated (as of 09/29/18 02:45PM) 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

09/16/20183rd Massachusetts Senior Open prize winners

Prize winners at the 3rd Massachusetts Senior Open, held September 14-15 in Marlboro.

Open Section

1st David Carter (VT) 3.5-0.5
2nd/Top Under 2210 Matthew Derek Meredith (CT), Timothy Sage 3-1
Top Under 2010 Norman Burtness 2.5-1.5

As the top Massachusetts player, Timothy Sage is the Massachusetts senior champion and will be invited to represent Massachusetts at next year's National Senior Tournament of Champions.

Under 1810 Section

1st Arthur Nagel 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Paul Arond, Gerald Plante 3-1
Top Under 1610 James Hankard 2.5-1.5
Top Under 1410 Robert Babcock 2.5-1.5

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

09/14/20183rd Mass Sr. Open Adv. Entry

As of 09/14/18 10:11 AM: 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

07/9/2018Summer 2018 Chess Horizons is out

 Check out the latest issue of Chess Horizons featuring the recently held Mass Open. 48 pages of chess materials never to be found anywhere else. Please send your thanks and feedback to Editor Nathan Smolensky. 

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

06/28/2018Western Massachusetts Scholastic Chess League Restarted

Western Massachusetts schools have restarted the Western Massachusetts Scholastic Chess League. Participating regional schools include Agawam High, Hampshire Regional, Minnechaug, Renaissance, Wilbraham and Monson, Longmeadow Chess Academy and Smith Academy. All schools participated in friendly matches throughout the early spring months and local news papers reported on the events:

Additionally a chess program has been started at Doering Middle School in Agawam for 5th and 6th graders and will dovetail into the existing program at Agawam Jr High:
The program at Doering has been augmented with chess sets from MACA and with a grant for books from LMF. And finally we have received a grant from Mrs. Linda Moye to provide digital clocks for all three Agawam schools. This most generous grant is in memory of her husband Mr. Harold Moye, an avid Expert level chess player who passed on in early march. You can read about Mr. Moye here:

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

06/19/20182019 Spiegel Cup Finals Invitee List

 MACA announces initial 2019 Spiegel Cup Finals invitees. This is not the official invitation list for the Championship. The invitations will be issued to the winners of the four qualifiers and then to the top five players in each section on the basis of the official March 2019 USCF Rating Supplement. The final spot will go to the Spiegel Cup Series (SCS) Winner.

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

06/12/2018New chess club has opened up at the Somerset Library

A new chess club has opened up at the Somerset MA library, Tuesday nights from 5pm to 7:30. Only two rated players so far but some of the unrateds are semi-strong (@ 1700). Kids are welcome and free instruction provided. 

We have plenty of equipment, just short on clocks but most play without them anyway. No rated games, just fun! Please direct all inquiries about the new club to Jason Ackermann at 






Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

06/11/2018Carissa Yip scores first IM norm at GM/IM Norm Invitational event

George Mirijanian reports:

Carissa Yip scored her first IM norm in the Charlotte Chess Center's GM/IM Norm Invitational Tournament, held June 6-10 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 14-year-old former Wachusett Chess Club champion tallied 7-2 (5 wins,4 draws) to finish first in one of two IM Norm sections and gained 31 rating points, raising her USCF rating to 2408. Carissa also gained a WGM norm as well as her final WIM norm and is slated to receive the Women's International Master title from the World Chess Federation (FIDE) at one of its next sessions.

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

05/28/2018MACA Election Results







Registered Voters








Ballots Cast









Percy Yip


Steven Winer (written “Steve weiner”)


George Mirijanian


Robert Messenger


Matt Phelps




Spoiled ballots


Total ballots



            Vice President

JOHN SADOFF (elected)




Percy Yip


Jiayun Liu


George Mirijanian




Spoiled ballots


Total ballots






Jiayun Liu


Steve Frymer




Spoiled ballots


Total ballots




ANDREW HOY (elected)


Donna Alarie (written “Donna allaire”)


Ken Ballou




Spoiled ballots


Total ballots




            Director (8 positions)

PERCY YIP (elected)


STEVEN WINER (elected)




JIAYUN LIU (elected)








PAUL AROND (withdrawn)




Carissa Yip






Bill Kelleher


Katherine Gasser


Brett Kildahl


Eugene Perelstein


Alonzo Ross


Donna Alarie






Valid ballots     (928 divided by 8)


Spoiled ballots


Total ballots


One candidate, Paul Arond, withdrew his nomination for Director after ballots were sent out. Since he received enough votes to be elected, the Elections Commission has reported that position as vacant, subject to action by the Board.

Bylaws question: approving the Bylaws Amendment of January 15, 2018:

Amend section 7.1, paragraph 1.a. to change the last

sentence to read “Members of the Elections Commission

shall not be candidates for President.”







Spoiled ballots


Total ballots



The Bylaws amendment was approved. 

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

05/28/2018Prize winners at the 87th Massachusetts Open

Prize winners at the 87th Massachusetts Open, held May 26-28 in Marlborough.

Championship Section:

1st-3rd Mika Brattain, FM Nathan Solon, Michael Isakov 5-1
Top U2300 Farzad Abdi, Danila Poliannikov 4-2

Under 2100 Section:

1st Michael Carey (RI) 5-1
2nd-7th Ian Dudley (VT), Joseph Bihlmeyer (CT), Scott Didham 4.5-1.5
2nd-7th/Top U1950 Bernie Xu, Robert Campbell, Alonzo Ross 4.5-1.5

Under 1800 Section:

1st Vineeth Nareddy 5-1
2nd-4th Christopher Estremera 4.5-1.5
2nd-4th/Top U1950 Henry Forber-Pratt, Amy Lei 4.5-1.5

Under 1500 Section:

1st Ranjan Dey 5.5-0.5
2nd-3rd/Top U1350 Mariano Rivera, Kurt Amber Jr 5-1
Top U1200 James Clifford, Tyler Cummins, Hrishikesh Vedula 4-2

K-12 Under 1500 Section:

1st Siddharth Kurup, Fedor Beliaev, Sophia Tatar 3-1

K-12 Under 800 Section:

1st Nikolay Avdokhin 4-0
2nd-3rd Ajinkya Dhamdhere, Arnaud Kohler 3.5-0.5

Medals: Gordon Redwine, Rayhan Riaz, Arjun Singhania, Annabel Kohler 3-1

K-6 Under 1400 Section:

1st Maya Figelman 4-0
2nd-4th Arnesh Yeola, Joshua Lee, Oliver Romanovsky 3-1

K-6 Under 600 Section (corrected results):

1st-3rd Anna Katsman, Rayhan Riaz, Ajay Krishnan 3.5-0.5

Medals: Andreas Bai, Evan Chang, Stephen Gregory, Kadhir Valiatharasu 3-1

K-3 Under 1200 Section:

1st-2nd Paul Tompros (playoff winner), Oskar Zoffer 4-0
3rd-4th Wataru Takeuchi, Joshua Lee, 3-1

K-3 Under 400 Section:

1st Andrew X Liu (playoff winner), Sabrina Li 4-0
3rd-8th Linus Goulthorpe, Maya Sharma, Ansh Nandurbarkar, George Zhang, Eric Zhang, Robert Duguid 3-1

Massachusetts Blitz Championship:

1st Andrew Liu 8.5-1.5
2nd Vadim Martirosov 8-2
Top U2200 Anatoly Levin 7-3
Top U2000 Paul Godin 6-4
Top U1200 Zach Ward 3.5-6.5

Except as noted, tied players are listed in tiebreak order in the scholastic sections.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Frank Vogel, Nicholas Sterling, Nathan Smolensky, Oleg Poliannikov, and Dmitry Barash.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

05/25/2018Adv. Entry for 87th Mass Open

Adv. Entry List for Mass Open: 

  • as of 05/25/18 12:15 AM
  • as of 05/23/18 09:55 PM
  • as of 05/22/18 07:55 PM
  • as of 05/21/18 02:51 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

05/19/2018Massachusetts Elementary School Students Shine at Nationals

The Massachusetts team performed very well at the 2018 National Elementary Championship last weekend. Seven players participated in the tournament and earned four trophies. The trophy winners are:

  • Ryan Wang K3 11th place
  • Ruohan Yin K3 18th place
  • Raymond Xu K5 12th place
  • Aaron Lu K6 11th place

Other participants were Tianna Wang, Justin Li, Andrew Su. Congratulations all!

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

04/22/2018Prize winners at the Hurvitz Cup

Prize winners at the Hurvitz Cup, the Massachusetts scholastic team championship, held April 22nd in Marlborough.

Grades 9-12 Section

1st Buckingham, Browne & Nichols (Cambridge) (Karthik Padmanabhan, Samuel Gloss, Spencer Solit, Matthew Keating) 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Newton North High School (Alex Fauman, David McCabe, Gershon Gilman, Andrew Trias, Flynn Zhi),
    Brookline High School (Tianye Zhang, Saam Rasool, Xinjie (Jerry) Chen, Jake Boyd) 3-1
Top Booster Team (U1200/Unr) Commonwealth High School (Evan Meyer, Max Sunog, Jonah Boardman, Siddharth Simon),
    Malden Catholic High School (Yiqi Yan, Ryan Donnelly, Zhipeng Chen, Ryan Keleti),
    Malden Catholic JV A (Harrison Jumper, Andrew Scacchi, Thomas Veeramani, Anthony Laurenza),
    Boston Latin School Team 2 (Huy Nguyen, Jerry Han, Austin Wang, Eric Wang) 2-2

Medals: Henry Liu (Boston Latin School Team 1), Andrew The (Lexington High School), Kevin Qi (Boston Latin School Team 1).

Grades 6-8 Section

1st F. A. Day Middle School (Newton) (Benjamin Fauman, Duncan Naylor, Dominic Iafrate, Desmond FitzGerald-Lara) 4-0
2nd Luther Conant Elementary (Acton) (Prachi Dayal, Prakul Saxena, Curtis Ying, Rohil Saxena) 3-1
3rd RJ Grey (Mathnasium) (Acton) (Arul Mazumder, Anish Mudide, Nikhil Thimma, Yash Prabhu) 2.5-1.5
Top Booster Team (U300/Unr) Blanchard Middle School Team 1 (Sanjay Sivakumar, Hemanth Vadlamani, Benjamin Rosenthal, Vaibhav Singh) 2-2

Medal: Jack Tompros (The Learning Project "Foygel").

Grades K-5 Section

1st Fiske Elementary (Lexington) (Benjamin Yin, Lydia Shen, Emerson Walker, Eugene Wang) 4-0
2nd-3rd Luther Conant Elementary (Acton) (Kevin Li, Adithya Sharma, Eric Li, Aprameya Tirupati),
    Bishop Elementary (Arlington) (Y Owen Li, Y Luke Li, Miles Rosenberg, Yasha Vasilyev) 3-1
Top Booster Team (U300/Unr) (Dhruva Iyer, Avanish Gowrishankar, Sharva Ranade, Nithin Vijay),
    Conant Team 1 (Mathnasium) (Acton) (Prateek Kalusani, Imad Aboo, Wahid Liyakath, Roshan Thimma) 2-2

Medals: Charles Derkazarian (Carlisle), Lena Ishil (BB&N), Anish Sankar (Sprague), Emil Cosic (Carlisle), Mira Fein (Mason  Rice),
        Jesse Dahlberg (Carisle), Teodoro Rivera-Wills (Fessenden), Ethan Miner (BB&N), James Swarc (Nixon 1),
        Arjun Mandloi (Conant Team 2, Mathnasium), Prateek Kalusani (Conant Team 1, Mathnasium)

Grades K-3 Section

1st Cottage School (Sharon) (Siddharth Kurup, Avaneesh Mohan, Arjun Singhania, Raymond Vasile) 4-0
2nd The Learning Project "McCord" (Wellesley) (Paul Tompros, Sam Parsi, Olivia Minn, Milan Kapasi) 3-1
3rd Bridge Elementary (Lexington) (Marcus Liu, Neel Hosamani, Arnab Dasgupta, Krish Kapoor) 2.5-1.5
Top Booster Team (U300/Unr) Gates (Mathnasium) (Acton) (Atharv Byrava, Gregory Kozlov, Shreyan Mazumder, Mihir Vidhate, Arjun Senani),
        Nixon Team 3 (Sudbury) (Peter Zhou, Roger Zhou, Victor Enache, Alexander Solen, Tyler Lin) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Ayaan Nallicheri (BB&N), Kiran Weerapana (Sprague), Noah Cho (Sprague), Thomsas Zhang (Carlisle),
        Kolby Sahin (Tenacre Day School Team B)

Medals were awarded to players scoring three or more points who did not win a trophy, and to players on teams which
tied for Top Booster Team in each section.

Teams tied for a prize are listed in tiebreak order. Players on a team are listed in board order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, Nathan Smolensky, Dima Barash, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

04/21/2018Hurvitz Cup Adv. Entries

Hurvitz Cup Adv. Entry List: 

  • 3rd post: as of 04/21/18 06:18PM 
  • 2nd post: as of 04/20/18 03:38 PM
  • 1st post: as of 04/19/18 08:17 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

04/15/2018Prize winners at the 28th Massachusetts G/60 Championship

Prize winners at the 28th Massachusetts G/60 Championship, held April 15th in Marlborough, Mass.

Open Section

1st FM Nathan Solon 4-0
2nd Lawyer Times 3.5-0.5
Top Under 2400 FM Carissa Yip, Samuel He 3-1
Top Under 2200 Alan Song 3-1

Under 2000 Section

1st-2nd Neil Cousin, Edward Astrachan 3.5-0.5

Under 1800 Section

1st Shravani Patil 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd Ralph McNeilage, Paul Baginski, David Martin, Adithya Sharma, Saanvi Tiruveedhula

Under 1600 Section

1st Eduardo Saldana 4-0
2nd Oliver Spohngellert 3.5-0.5

Under 1400 Section

1st Lisa DeBenedictis 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd Henry Han, Kurt Amber 3-1

Under 1200 Section

1st Srijan Makkena 4-0
Equal 2nd Mariano Rivera 3.5-0.5
Equal 2nd / Top Under 1000 Jasper Xu 3.5-0.5

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, Oleg Poliannikov, Dmitry Barash, Nathan Smolensky, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

04/14/2018 FINAL Adv. Entry List for 28th G/60 Championship

 FINAL Adv. Entries for 28th G/60 Championship (as of 04/14 12:47 PM):

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

04/12/2018Advanced Entry List for 28th G/60 Championship

 Advanced Entries for 28th G/60 Championship (as of 04/12 4:56 PM) are posted here.

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

04/2/2018Yue Huang wins MACA 2018 Girls Championship

Yue Huang won 2018 Girls Championship with 3.5 points out of 4 and qualified for the National Girls Championship. Suhavi Tiruveedhula won the U1000 section with a perfect score of 4 out of 4. Congratulations both!

Open section

1. Yue Huang
2. Tianna Wang
3. Sandra Shur


1. Suhavi Tiruveedhula
2. Raeann Zhou
3. Joanne Jiang Zhou

Pictures from the event can be found at MACA Facebook page.


Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

03/20/2018 2018 MACA Election - Candidate Statements

 2018 MACA Election - Candidate Statements

Nathan Smolensky, candidate for President (incumbent):

The year behind us was a tremendous one for MACA. The Chess for Early Educators initiative launched several pilots – during the day! – at Somerville public school. Our scholastic program, shepherded by a growing number of committed and capable volunteers, expanded its tournament offerings and broke attendance records for its signature events. Our board took an important step in ending an untenable and ineffective player support program, paving the way for something more powerful and impactful in the future.

The list goes on. But our work as an organization, and my own work as its president, is far from over. Five years into my tenure, I can say with confidence that the board I just served with is the best that I have had so far, and its accomplishments the finest of any year since my first election. But with many of our most productive volunteers returning, and exciting possible additions in active scholastic parents Mr. Yip and Mr. Liu, the coming year promises to be even greater.

MACA is about doing good through chess in our commonwealth, and there is an incredible amount of good that chess can do, from prisons to schools to tournament halls.

So let’s do it.

John Sadoff, candidate for Vice-President (incumbent):

I'm once again running for Vice President of MACA. As Vice-President for the past 4 years, I have worked closely with the board to build an early education chess program. As a result of these efforts, we have several pilot chess programs around the Massachusetts area. We are currently training early educators how to teach chess to their young students. As a teacher, chess player and tutor, I bring with me over 20 years of chess education experience.  I'm looking forward to continuing to work with the Board and each of you to build upon the success of these chess programs and introduce more young students to the wonders of chess.  I thank you, in advance for your support.

Stephen Dann, candidate for Vice-President:

Dear potential voter,

The seven times I served as MSCA/MACA president over 30 years I had different VP's. Everyone stagnates over time in the same position. The VP has the least formal duties, should help wherever needed, with vision, leadership and grace. MACA now has bountiful assets--just needs more volunteers to support future visions. 

In the 33 years I was a board member and officer, I attended 95% of the once monthly board meetings, no matter the weather or location and came prepared to discuss MACA's business at 250 meetings across the state.

I not only founded Chess Horizons in 1969 when just 18, but worked with and helped mentor dozens of chess journalists in a variety of roles to improve communications (my 50-year career outside of chess). In addition, I wrote 2,000 chess news columns during 40 years for the Worcester Sunday Telegram--hundreds still available online with tactical puzzles.

My growing network of 8,700+ now includes 2,800+ chess educators, organizers and hobbyists, but now many more librarians, school teachers, principals and school superintendents in New England. 

Please help me find a positive & productive chess role in my disability retirement.

Paul Arond, candidate for Director (incumbent):

If elected, I will continue to work in support of all things chess in Massachusetts. As a Director for the past three years, I have attended every MACA board meeting and provided support for tournament activities, banking reports, and elections. Chess is a great and growing sport and I support all outreach that broadens and diversifies the chess community. I urge all MACA members to exercise their right to vote.

Jeffrey Caruso, candidate for Director (incumbent):

As chairperson of the Elections Commission, I've worked for you over the last three elections to ensure solid governance, transparency, service, and absolute fairness. The successful move last year to the voting platform is an example of my dedication to continued improvement. Born in Massachusetts, a local player and tournament director, I want to continue to serve you. Please give me your vote.

Dmitry Barash, candidate for Director (incumbent):

I’m chess player (2300), parent (Anton Barash is one of top kids in MA chess), tutor (teaching kids for 30 years), director, sponsor, Head of Scholastic Committee, and Board member.

You can see more details on scholastic chess in MA on my page

After my four years on MACA board I’m glad to see increased interest in scholastic chess, higher level of play by top kids, and increased number of kids playing chess (see statistics page on my site).

Steve Frymer, candidate for Director (incumbent):

50 years working for MACA, as prez, vice prez, treasurer, clerk and director. Several committees including scholastic, tournament, elections and budget, and one person committees in living memorial chess fund and prison chess.

Currently focused on prison chess and living memorial chess fund priorities. 

Oleg Poliannikov, candidate for Director (incumbent):

Since I was elected to the Board, I helped direct tournaments and worked on promoting MACA events. I am also co-organizing a new tournament for beginners in May. Attendance of MACA tournaments has markedly improved, and we are now coordinating major events with organizers from NH and RI. My focus in the upcoming year will be on improving the tournament schedule, and on helping design a program to support player development. Players of all levels should have tournaments for their level and means to improve their skills. Thank you for your support.

Robert E. King, candidate for Director:

It is important to vote for those that have a history of MACA service, in particular my past service as director and president make me uniquely qualified to be beneficial for MACA.  I have had a great history of promoting my hobbies, and I know a lot more needs to be done in the future as I am continuing with my plans.  I am working on a couple of books, including a chess book.  I have been taking on the on-line chess world and those games are being compiled for the book.
Jiayun Liu, candidate for Director:

The reason I want to join and serve the board of MACA is that I want to promote chess among girls. From the experience of the Go community, we know that when mothers play go, their kids are much more likely to learn this game. Similar statistics should be translated into chess community. However, in many cultures, girls are not considered to be good at chess or any strategy / calculation related games.  Though this stereotype has been gradually proven wrong, we need to motivate more girls to play by providing them more opportunities to excel at chess.

Robb Stewart, candidate for Director:

My interest in joining MACA's Board of Directors will serve three goals:

- To leverage my overall experience and connections as a lifelong Massachusetts resident and chess player with 30+ years playing experience;

- To bring insights to the Board from my roles as chess tutor and coach, school program director, and scholastic and club tournament director;

- To share my qualifications as a business professional with strong communication skills, leadership qualities, financial acumen and well-rounded organizational 

I ask all voting members their consideration of my skills when selecting their options.

Percy Yip, candidate for Director:

As a chess parent, I know what it takes to attract the parents and kids playing chess.  I want to help MACA organize more tournaments that will provide a better experience for the parents and the kids.  In addition, I feel that we don’t have enough chess promotion activities or publicity to attract school kids, or prevent chess kids from quitting. I plan to submit articles to USCF regarding our tournament results so more people will recognize the achievements of our chess players.  I am running for the board of directors and thank you for your support.

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

03/18/2018Prize winners at the Barry S. Spiegel Cup

Prize winners at the Barry S. Spiegel Cup, held March 18th in Marlborough, Mass.

High School Section

1st-2nd FM Carissa Yip (playoff winner), Michael Isakov 3.5-0.5
3rd-6th Brandon Wu, Zubin Baliga, Eric Feng, Karthik Padmanabhan 3-1
Top Under 2000 Gershon Gilman, Alan Sikarov 2-2
Top Under 1600 Yiqi Yan, Thomas Veeramani, Andrew The 2-2

Age 14 & Under Section

1st Danila Poliannikov 3.5-0.5
2nd Suraj Ramanathan 3-1
3rd-4th CM Jerry Li, Alan Song 2.5-1.5

Age 11 & Under Section

1st Nang Dang 3.5-0.5
2nd Rafael Pashkov 3-1
3rd Kelsey Liu 2.5-1.5

Age 8 & Under Section

1st Ansh Yadawad 3.5-0.5
2nd Ruohan Yin 3-1
3rd-5th Isabella Lai, Eric Chang, Y Luke Ji 2.5-1.5

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order except as noted.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Dima Barash, Oleg Poliannikov, and Steve Frymer.


Bob Messenger
Chief TD

03/17/2018Adv. Entry for 2018 Spiegel Cup High School Sction

Adv. Entry for Spiegel Cup High School Section:

  • as of 03/17/18 9:20 AM
  • as of 03/15/18 5:29 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

03/5/2018Spiegel Cup Invitees Announced

MACA has announced the list of players invited to participate in the Spiegel Cup State Championship on March 18, 2018 in Marlborough, MA. Invitations are sent by email, and participation requires a written confirmation. If an invitee declines to participate in the Championship, alternates will be contacted until 10 players in each section are confirmed. 

The High School section of the Spiegel Cup State championship is open. All Massachusetts high school residents and students are allowed to participate. A normal registration by mail, online, or at the door is required. 

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

03/4/2018Prize winners at the 4th Spiegel Cup Qualifier

Prize winners at the 4th Spiegel Cup Qualifier, held March 4th in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Age 14 & Under Section

1st Kerry Huang 3.5-0.5
2nd-4th Kevin Liu, Jack Tompros, Skyler Zhou 3-1

Age 11 & Under Section

1st Eric Feng 4-0
2nd-6th Alexander Meng, Adithya Sharma, Brandon Ni, Justin Li, David Katsman 3-1

Age 8 & Under Section

1st Luke Ji 4-0
2nd-5th Kurt Amber, Siddharth Kurup, Jeffrey Yin, Adriano Perola 3-1

Booster Under 1200 Section

1st Mark Chumack 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Franklin Lewis, Alexander Tran

Booster Under 800 Section

1st Sam Parsi 4-0
2nd Felix Hentschel 3.5-0.5
3rd-7th Hari Palaniyappan, Arnav Harve, Aditya Phadnis, Vinamra Jain, Rithika Kilari 3-1

Booster Under 400 Section

1st-2nd Rayhan Riaz (playoff winner), Robert Duguid 4-0
3rd-6th Yan Barash, Ronin Banerjee, Kaiya Smits, Vihaan Jain 3-1

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order except as noted.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, Dima Barash, Oleg Poliannikov, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

03/3/2018Adv. Entry for Q4

Adv. Entry for Q4: 

  • As of 03/03/18 10:23 AM
  • As of 03/02/18 01:35 PM
  • As of 03/01/18 06:28 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

02/27/2018Massachusetts Girls Championship announced

Massachusetts Girls Championship will take place on April 1, 2018 in Boylston Chess Club at 40 Norris Street, Cambridge, MA 02140. The winner of the Open section will get a chance to represent Massachusetts at the very prestigious 2018 National Girls Tournament of Champions. Participants in the U1000 section will compete for trophies and medals. Online registration is available now at Boylston Chess Foundation. Please direct all inquiries to MACA Scholastic Committee Chair Dmitry Barash at (617) 256-5536 (during regular business hours).

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

02/25/2018List of players qualified to Spiegel Cup by rating finalized

 The lists of Spiegel Cup Finals participants consist of winners of Qualifiers, winners of Spiegel Cup Series, and 5 top seeded players in each respective category.  Top-rated players who will play in the Finals have been determined. The only remaining spot in the Finals will be given to the winner of the 4th Qualifier. If you would like to fight for a chance to play for the title of State Champion and a place in the U.S. Championship, register right now!

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Promotions Committee Chair

02/11/2018Prize winners at the Blitz and Bughouse Festival

Prize Winners at the Blitz and Bughouse Festival, held February 11th in Marlborough, Mass.


1st Caden O'Brien 4-0
2nd-3rd Edmund Pritchard, Tristan Pritchard 2-2
Top U1600 Agathyan Sivaharan 1-3
Top U1200 Aneesh Guda 1-3


1st Roberto Jay / Andres Jay 3-2
2nd Rishi Ponnapalli / Aneesh Guda 2-3

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger and Dmitry Barash.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/28/2018Winter Team Challenge prize winners

Prize winners at the Winter Team Challenge, held January 28 in Marlborough, Mass.

K-12 Section:

1st Newton North High School (Alex Fauman, David McCabe, Gershon Gilman, Andrew Trias, Flynn Zhi) 4-0
2nd-3rd Cleveland Indians (Vineeth Nareddy, Adithya Sharma, Krishna Mutnuri, Venkatraman Varatharajan),
    ChessMinds (Sai Sneha Yerra, Saanvi Tiruveedhula, Sophia Rosenholtz, Prachi Dayal) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Zubin Baliga (Lexington H.S.) 3.5-0.5
    Alan Sikarov (Newton South H.S.) 3-1

K-6 Section:

1st-2nd Andover Chess Club A (Bryan Henroid, Anika Nagle, Ryan Greenwood, Anoushka Nagle),
    Bowen Bishops (Jared Mi, Alexander Tran, Eyal Zeldich, Aritra Ghosh) 3.5-0.5
3rd-4th Andover Chess Club C (Irith Midha, Pranavi Vedula, Ryana Riaz, Adrian Christopher),
    Andover Chess Club B (Chirag Katragadda, Mitran Kumar, Siddhant Kulnarni, Zaid Kanzi-Belghiti) 2-2

K-3 Section:

1st Andover Chess Club C (Tristan Pritchard, Edmund Pritchard, Rayhan Riaz, Alexander Arcidiacono) 3.5-0.5
2nd Russian Knights (Nikolay Avdokhin, Daniel Tatar, Mark Piryatinsky, Maksim Orlovskii, Yan Barash, Daniel Ramakrishnan) 3-1
3rd-4th Newton Knights (Zachary Beaver, Eric Zhang, Tobias Harrison, Jomas Novina),
    Lawrence Bad Bishops (Maya Figelman, David Figelman, Jonathan Kellis, Harrison Platt) 2.5-1.5

Medals: Ayush Patel (ChessMasters), Suhavi Tiruveedhula (ChessMasters), Ethan Qiao (Chess Master Connections), Hrishikesh Vedula (Andover Chess Club A) 3-1

Teams are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Nicholas Sterling, Jeff Caruso, Dima Barash, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/27/20182018 Winter Team Challenge Adv. Entry

Adv. Entries for 2018 Winter Team Challenge: 

  • As of 01/26/18 11:39 PM
  • As of 01/25/18 08:50 PM
  • As of 01/24/18 08:54 PM

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster

01/14/2018 Election Registration

 Election Registration

Once again, MACA is offering online voting for the annual election. Those who choose to vote online will receive a survey link several weeks prior to the Massachusetts Open in May. Those who would prefer a paper ballot are still able to request one. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR BOTH VOTING OPTIONS. 
If you registered to vote in prior years, you do not need to register again unless your address has changed. New members who joined MACA after March 2017 will need to register to vote in this year's election.  
Members can register for an online or paper ballot (not both) as follows:
TO REGISTER FOR AN ONLINE BALLOT: Email with full name and unique email address by February 28, 2018.
TO REGISTER FOR A PAPER BALLOT: send a letter to Bob Messenger at 4 Hamlett Dr. #12, Nashua, NH 03062, postmarked no later than February 23. You can send an email to to check on your registration status.
To vote, MACA membership must be valid as of February 28, 2018. For frequently asked questions, such as registering junior members, and any other concerns, please go to

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

01/14/2018 Massachusetts Chess Association Call for Nominations

 Massachusetts Chess Association Call for Nominations

The Massachusetts Chess Association is now accepting nominations for the annual election of its 12-member board, to serve from June 2018 to June 2019. Members may stand for election for one of its 4 officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Clerk) or 8 director positions. The submission deadline for nominations is February 15, 2018. In order to be eligible to run, memberships must be valid through the end of the upcoming term (June 2019). 
For more information, please review MACA's current bylaws ( or visit the Elections FAQ at
Please e-mail nominations and questions to

Oleg V. Poliannikov
MACA Web Coordinator

01/14/2018Prize winners at the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship

Prize winners at the Gus Gosselin Grade Championship, held January 14 in Marlborough, Mass.

Grades 8-12

1st Tony Wang 4-0
2nd Kevin Hass 2.5-1.5
3rd Vinneth Nareddy (8th grade) 1.5-2.5
Top 8th grade Henry Booth: 1-3

Grade 7

1st Fedor Beliav 3-1
2nd-5th Arnav Harve, Vinamra Jain, Joanne Zhou, Oscar Gillette 2-2

Grade 6

1st Jack Tompros 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Eli Traub, Vishnu Mandepudi 3-1

Grade 5

1st Isaac Gordon 3.5-0.5
2nd-3rd Sritan Devineni 3-1

Grade 4

1st Y Owen Ji 4-0
2nd Sophia Tatar 3-1
3rd-6th Raeann Zhou, Declan Walsh, Jeremy Reddy, Tejas Kulkarni 2-2

Grade 3

1st Tyler Cummins 4-0
2nd-4th Jonathan Traub, Isabella Lai, Sam Parsi 3-1

Grade 2

1st Jacob Wu 4-0
2nd Jeffrey Yin 3.5-0.5
3rd Killian Cunjak 3-1

Grades K-1

1st Aidan Tan 4-0
2nd-3rd Sujay Kunamneni, Y Luke Ji (kindergarten) 3-1
Top Kindergarten Jonathan Kellis 2-2

Tied players are listed in tiebreak order.

The tournament was directed by Bob Messenger, Chris and Cameron Bird, Nicholas Sterling, and Steve Frymer.

Bob Messenger
Chief TD

01/13/2018Adv. Entries for 2018 GGG Championship

Advance Entries for 2018 GGG Championship as of 01/13/18 02:097 PM: 

1st post as of 01/11/18 09:09 PM.

Tiffany Wang
MACA Webmaster