MACA 2020 State Scholastic Championships
Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix Rules

Updated: September 4, 2020

This document comprises the rules that govern conduct of the Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix for the school year 2019 - 2020. These rules were developed by the Massachusetts Chess Association, Scholastic Committee. Players playing in any Grand Prix event and MSGP Tournament organizers are assumed to be familiar with the intent of these rules. Ignorance of the rules shall not be an excuse for violations of them. We strongly recommend that parents go through these rules in detail and raise questions as soon as possible.

  1. What is Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix?
    1. Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix (MSGP) is a series of tournaments held by Massachusetts Chess Association (MACA) and independent chess organizers in Massachusetts in school year 2019 - 2020.
    2. The entire series has several age groups, and players in each section may win points by playing in MSGP tournaments.
    3. Top three players in each age group receive prizes; additional prizes will also be awarded.
  2. Why Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix?
    1. Massachusetts has very strong scholastic chess. A large number of players of various ages are nationally competitive. Several sections of the main scholastic event, Spiegel Cup, are de facto master-level tournaments.
    2. As an even larger number of players enter chess and start playing competitively, MACA is determined to provide opportunities for these players to play their peers, acquire experience, strive to reach their full potential, and be rewarded for their efforts. Furthermore, MACA is fully committed to support independent organizers by promoting high-quality tournaments that they organize.
  3. What Tournaments Are Designated MSGP Tournaments?
    1. All sections, Top and Reserve, in all Qualifying Tournaments of 2019 - 2020 Spiegel Cup held by MACA, are designated MSGP Tournaments.
    2. Each independent organizer can apply to MACA to declare one and only one of their tournaments an MSGP Tournament. MACA’s intent and desire to have as many high-quality tournaments as possible, so every effort will be made to work with the organizer to approve the application. As soon as a tournament is approved to be included in MSGP, MACA will begin actively promoting the tournament and by extension its organizer. While MACA reserves the right to conduct this promotion as it sees fit, MACA recognizes its obligation to serve its members by helping the organizers to advance MACA’s own mission of promoting chess in Massachusetts.
    3. A tournament that seeks the MSGP Tournament designation must
      1. Not overlap with previously declared MSGP Tournaments, including all Spiegel Cup Qualifiers
      2. Be an open tournament, i.e., all players satisfying rating requirements should be allowed to play
      3. Be prepared to collect and report to MACA players’ USCF ID, age and tournament results. MACA will keep track of the total number of points earned by each player on the basis of their results in MSGP Tournaments
  4. Is there a Fee for MSGP Designation?
    1. There is no fee. MACA seeks to ensure a high quality of each tournament that it promotes by including it to Grand Prix.
    2. MACA does not seek any financial gain from this activity.
  5. What Are the Prizes Awarded to Winners of MSGP?
    1. Top three players in each section will receive trophies. These players also will receive a free entry to any section of Massachusetts Open or associated Scholastic Tournaments. Performance of each player will be evaluated on the basis of their best 8 (eight) tournament results. For example, if a player played in 9 MSGP Tournaments altogether then their worst tournament will not be considered for the purposes of calculating their points total in Grand Prix
    2. The player who has played the maximum number of declared MSGP Tournaments will receive a Special Prize. In the event of a tie, all such players will receive Special Prizes.
  6. Does the Winner of Massachusetts Scholastic Grand Prix Qualify for Spiegel Cup Finals?
    1. No, they do not. MSGP is not in any way connected to Spiegel Cup Finals.
    2. The only way to earn a place in the Spiegel Finals is to win a Qualifying Tournament/HS Section of Gus Gosselin Grade Championship or place in top 6/top 7 for HS